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June 2019 AOR cases

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myrapiku, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. MEP: 19 July 2019
    RPRF request: 19 July 2019
    Background check: In progress 19 July 2019
    RPRF paid: 20 July 2019
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  2. 17th June: AOR
    17th June: MED

    23rd July: MED passed
    BG: in processing
    estimated remaining processing time: 5 months
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  3. PNP-Inland
    June 14 AOR
    23rd July: MED passed
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  4. Update: IP2
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  5. Like the other guy said, I am an inland application and bio-metrics is not applicable to me. Although it does say " If you apply for permanent residence and are in Canada, You may qualify for an exemption from having to give biometrics" .But I am not sure.

    This weeks update:
    Same as last week - IP2 (BGC in process)
    I think my BGC will take time as none of my old employers were willing to give experience letter as per CIC requirements. So I has to give them a self attested letter and attach the joining + experience (exit) letters.
    Lets hope for the best!
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  6. If you are not sure, you can call them to confirm. :)
  7. How do you see this update IP2? I am an inland applicant. Passed Medical yesterday but didn’t get a biometric request
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  9. MEP: 24 July

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  10. Cec Inland - Ontario
    Along with 1 dependent spouse.
    AOR 16JUNE
    MEP : 23 JULY
    Ghost update : 24 July (when checked no updates, read background check in process).

    Guys, which stage do u all think my application is. I still have to submit my rcmp.
    Also after submitting will PPR request come soon? Can anyone help!!
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  11. MEP: 23 July 2019
    RCMP request: 23 July 2019
    Ghost Update: 24 July 2019

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  12. naah i'll wait for the update.
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  13. :) so happy to see the application is moving forward. all the best
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  14. Hi
    Did you submit an upfront medical?, I just called CiC to check on my application because I notice persons that submitted after I did, pass medical and the officer is saying am not allowed to submit medical until it is requested.
  15. Hi
    I am PNP applicant as well, my AOR is June 12, and I just called CIC to get an update on my file, he says that I am not supposed to do medical until its requested.

    Did you do your medical upfront?

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