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June 2019 AOR cases

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myrapiku, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. thats interesting, my dates are the same lol
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  2. So are mine. I saw an FAQ on IRCC's site that says it takes up to three months for them to process medical results from the date the results were sent to them by the clinic.
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    Heres my update:

    CEC, Inland

    ITA: May 29
    Medicals: June 08
    AOR: June 12
    Medicals Passed: July 17
    Background check started : July 17
    Ghost update: July 18

    EDIT: I received a ghost update mail for my BOWP on July 17 and at same time my PR application got updated with MEP and IP2 stage.
    EDIT 2: Just got a ghost update saying profile is updated on July 18. Went to profile but nothing was there.
  4. you application went so fast !!!
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  5. Good for you
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  6. I am not sure... The status bar says 5 months. I heard background check takes 1-2 months for CEC.
  7. June 7th - AOR - CEC Inland
    July 16th - Medical Passed
    Today ,

    Got an email from IRCC.CIO-BRCD.IRCC@cic.gc.ca with subject, Ready for Visa/ Prét pour Visa.

    They are asking me to send passport to,

    CPC – Ottawa – PR
    PO Box 8781
    Ottawa, ON K1G 4B9

    Is it PPR or not ? application status in website is not updated yet
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  8. I think it is PPR. my friend get the same thing.....
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  9. I know, some people got thier PPR within 2 months. At least your case is moving forward. It is a good sign.
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  10. It is too fast to believe but everything points to PPR only, I will send it out and see
  11. For sure it is PPR, waiting for your good news:)
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  12. Did you get the biometrics request letter? If so, when did you get it?
  13. HE/SHE applied inland, then he/she does not need biometrics.
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  14. If you apply for permanent residence and are in Canada, you may qualify for an exemption from having to give your biometrics. Find out more in the relevant application guide.
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  15. Oh I see, Now I know why I haven't got biometrics request,and only my spouse has got the biometrics request letter (outland).
    Thank you for your response. I learnt this info today.
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