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June 2019 AOR cases


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May 2, 2015
CEC Inland
AOR: June 17, 2019
MEP: July 24, 2019
RCMP Submitted Aug 7, 2019
Eligibility: Still in review
Background Check: Still Processing
6 months and 18 days have passed and still no result.
Order gcms notes to find out the reason why it is under review

Yoruba girl

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Sep 12, 2019
The first update was for my eligibility changing to recommended pass and Criminality changing to passed.

Second ghost update was for Eligibility changing to pass and Security changing to passed.
Hope this helps.
Hi, did you see all these updates on your account?


Nov 28, 2019
Just giving an update:

CEC Inland (single applicant)
ITA: May 29
AOR: June 29
MEP: Aug 06
Ghost Update: Aug 12
VO: Sidney

And now, just went to check this morning, another Ghost Update
Ghost Update: Dec 25 (Maybe earlier, just checked today)

Hopefully this means PPR is on its way.

Hi there, how did you find out your visa officer? Did you call IRCC to find out?
CEC Inland (single applicant)
ITA: May 8th
AOR: July 21st
MEP: Aug 19th
**No update since then**


Nov 27, 2019
Please has anyone received PPR from Accra recently? My AOR is in June 2019 and I've been waiting for over 6 months now.


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Jan 2, 2020
Hi guys.
I applied under nomination EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM.
AOR JUNE 17th,2019
Medical passed is the only thing updated and changed in my count. Besides that from day one till now, there is no other updates at all.
I called them in October, they said everything is passed except Security Check. And I called in December again. They said the same thing is not started. Don’t know what’s gong on in sydney,NS office. Got so annoyed. How come they are so slow. I’m wondering they may drink tea and read newspapers all day long ?

My AOR is June 14, 2019 and I have the similar updates like you have. Did you get any other updates? My primary office is Montreal immigration and secondary office is Centralized Intake office in Sydney. I received GCMS notes on Dec 20th, which has the same thing that is mention on my portal.


Jun 1, 2019
Hello guys!
Passive member of the forum. Today I received PPR!

CEC Inland Visa Office Sydney
AOR: June 17 ,2019
MED: July 18
ADR:July 19 ( Police certificate from Mexico)
January 31,2020:Ghost Update
February 4: 2nd Ghost Update
February 5: PPR
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Oct 3, 2019
Called cic today and was told that eligibility recommended pass, criminality passed on 31st of january, security not started. My aor is June 14,2019. Dont know how much more time to recieve golden email.
And do it happen that criminality gets passed before eligibility??
Can anyone please suggest.