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June 2019 AOR cases

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myrapiku, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. They didn’t say. However l, I assume it’s like WEB Form sent from one department to another. I don’t think it’ll beat up process
  2. good luck! hopefully they'll be good and give you a surprise Christmas present :)
  3. Hi All,
    Question on passport request email(PPR) for Indian passport holders residing in US - I am an FSW-O candidate with Indian passport currently residing in US.
    1) Does anyone know, once we receive the passport request, do we need to send the passport for visa stamping to Canada or can it be done through the VFS offices in New York or LA?
    2) Also, any idea on average time taken by Canadian authorities to return the passport?
  4. Follow the instructions in your PPR letter. The letter states specifically where to send your passport to.
  5. Hey,
    Thanks for your reply. I don't have the PPR email yet, but thought will ask through the forum from Indian passport holders in US as I need to plan a few things ahead of time.
  6. Hello ,
    I passed the 6 months time and still my status is same as it was 3 months ago. Medicals passed eligibility recommended pass criminality under process and security not yet initiated. My VO is Sydney. Curious what's going on. Is there any email id where i can mail and ask about whats going on. Replies will be appreciated.
  7. Hello
    AOR 10 June
    Medical passed 10 June.
    ADR 13 November.
    Inland under FST program ( federal skilled programs)

    I’m still waiting ......crossed 6 months mark 8 days ago, i just would like to know If some inland and under the same program, (FST).
    Or any one have an idea?

  8. I'm in same program (FSTP inland)
    Aor 7 june
    Still waiting
  9. Really confused with our application. 3 weeks ago when we called IRCC they said security In Progress, Criminality passed and Eligibility Met.
    But today when we called the agent said Eligibility is mostly Recommended Passed and Security Not Started. We crossed 6 months on Monday.
    Earlier 2 agents told security still in Progress, but now they are saying security has not started.
    Don't know what is happening and how long its going to take.
    Even ordered GCMS notes 2 months ago but still we haven't received because of delays.
  10. I have crossed the 6 months timeline on 20th Dec'19, I have applied for GCMS notes but haven't received due to extension.
    I did call CIC once after the biometrics, I was told my file is with NDVO. Calling again won't help as the file is outside Canada & webform replies are generic, can anyone guide me if there is any way I could get to know the status of my file?
  11. Just giving an update:

    CEC Inland (single applicant)
    ITA: May 29
    AOR: June 29
    MEP: Aug 06
    Ghost Update: Aug 12
    VO: Sidney

    And now, just went to check this morning, another Ghost Update
    Ghost Update: Dec 25 (Maybe earlier, just checked today)

    Hopefully this means PPR is on its way.
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  12. Just got my PPR this morning!
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  13. Just got PPR this morning :)
  14. CEC Inland
    AOR: June 17, 2019
    MEP: July 24, 2019
    RCMP Submitted Aug 7, 2019
    Eligibility: Still in review
    Background Check: Still Processing
    6 months and 18 days have passed and still no result.

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