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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hello! My application was received on June 1st. It was sent by FedEx from the UK to Mississauga.
    I got an email today (July 11th) saying my application to sponsor was received. Is this AOR1? I logged in to check the application status using the UCI in the email and it shows both our applications are 'in progress.' Nothing has come through yet to my fiancé (PA, British) either by email or post.
  2. Yes, AOR1
  3. When IRCC sends you the Acknowledgement Of Receipt, this is called AOR1.
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  4. It came from CPC-M or sydney ?
  5. 1.Any 12 june Applicant here

    2. And any one from uae filled application
  6. Hey guys - I just found this thread. Our application was sent June 18th from Tokyo and should have been received June 22nd. Is there any other groups for June 2018 Outland, like a Whatsapp or Facebook group?

    Good luck everyone!!! I'm really hoping this process goes smoothly since I will be leaving my husband at the end of August to return to Canada for a job, and he'll stay here to work.

    By the way, I'm not sure what would be considered his visa office - is it determined by where we live and are applying from, or his nationality?

  7. Here is the link.
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  8. Hi there,

    The country of PA’s residence will be considered the VO.

  9. Thank you!!!!
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    But the application starts from Mississauga or Sydney correct? Later, if all proper they forward the application to Primary Applicant's corresponding VO.
  11. Correct.
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  12. Hello, first post here. Hope this is the right thread/format.

    My partner is Canadian and we both live in the UK but she wants to move back and I am hoping to tag along!

    After getting lost by TNT it was eventually found and according to TNT's website it arrived at Mississauga on the 4th June.

    No confirmation or anything on that yet though. Am i correct in thinking we just have to hold tight?
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    Hold tight and carry on!:)
    See below.

    What happens after submitting my application?

    If your application is complete, you will receive Acknoledgment of Receipt (AOR1) whithin 60 days, usually 45 to 56 days via email or less if lucky.

    Then, if eligible, the sponsor will receive the Sponsor Approval email(SA) which contains the UCI (Unique Client ID) and application number to use for tracking the status of the application. Via email

    Then the Principal Applicant(PA) will receive the letter confirmation of receipt of the PR application/Acknowledgment Of Receipt(AOR1). Via email

    Please note that both the Sponsor and PA receive identical Application number but different UCI numbers.

    Then, if not already submitted upfront with the application:

    1. Police Check Certificate Request(PCC)

    2. Medical Exam Request

    3. Request to pay for PR Card (RPRF)

    4. Request to submit additional documents, 5. Request for any additional documents that were missing from your application.

    Using application number/UCI number, surname, DOB, country of birth etc... you can log in to ECAS to monitor the process of your application, link below:


    At this stage, you can check the status of your application online(ECAS) or link your application to GCKEY.

    Then you might receive a file transfer email to the Local Visa Office(VO).

    Then you might be invited for an interview.

    Receive Pre Arrival Letter.

    Decision Made on your application.

    Passport Request (PPR).

    Request for new set of PR photos.

    Confirmation of PR (COPR).

    Good luck
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