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June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Mrva21, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Count me in too.
    Date of application: june 06
    Sent: June 07
    Received at CPC: June 11
    Days: 1096
    Residence: Airdrie AB
  2. Hi:
    Admin please add me to the list.
    Good luck guys.

    Application date: June 3, 2018
    Application received - June 6, 2018
    Physical Presence days - 1100
    Place of Application : Edmonton
    Applicant : 1
    AOR: N/A
  3. Hi everyone, I'm filling my citizenship application , total physical presence 1238 days, absence 44 days.
    Could anyone please guide me on answering question 9 c of CIT0002 E , I was out of canada for 44 days, if I click yes to 9 c it takes me to fill form CIT 0177. The questions in that form doesn't apply on me so kinda confuse and looking for your help in order to complete the form.
  4. Please add my information to the spread sheet.

    Application sent: June 09th, 2018
    Application received: June 14, 2018(Expected delivery)
    Physical Presence days: 1151, 1131
    Place of Application: Toronto,ON
    Family Member : 2

    Thank you
  5. Thanks. I havent studied in canada and have expired IELTS which i used when i applied for PR back in 2014. is that enough or do i need to take IELTS again?
  6. Hi Admin,

    Please add my info to excel spreadsheet. Thanks

    Username Zearus
    Application sent: June 8th, 2018
    Application received: June 12, 2018
    Physical Presence days: 1700
    Place of Application: Brampton, ON
    Family Member : 1 - Single
  7. You can just write "N.A." and " I stayed out of Canada during eligibility but I am not going to claim any credit for that absence"
  8. Hi Admin Please add info to the spread sheet

    Date Sent : May 24th 2018
    Date Delivered: May 29th 2018
    Days Physically Present: 1150
    Family( 3 People)
    Place of Application: Ottawa

  9. Followed this forum during all of my processes, starting from application for PNP to federal, immigration to visa, PR to C6 bill and now am here again this time for the last step i.e Citizenship.
    So here is my timeline, just sent my application last week. Hoping for a quick and smooth process.

    Application date: June 07 2018
    Application sent: June 07 2018
    Application received - June 11 2018
    Physical Presence days - 1096
    Place of Application : Scarborough
    Single applicant
  10. Hi all,

    my application was received on June 11!
    Could anyone update the spreadsheet for me?

    thank you :)
  11. is there a whatsapp group for all 2018 applicants ?
  12. Yes you can submit the expired IELTS...it is a valid proof and is mentioned in the instruction guide

    Below is an excerpt from the instruction guide -
    Results from a third-party language test

    Your language test result must be equal to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB/NCLC)/Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens level 4 or higher in speaking and listening. If you did the test in the past for immigration or citizenship purposes, we will accept the results even if it has expired
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  13. Hello Admin- My application went in process yesterday. Please update my timeline:

    Application sent: June 05 2018
    Application delivered - June 09 2018
    AOR received: June 11 2018
    In Process ecas: June 12 2018
    Physical Presence days - 1096
    Place of Application : Windsor
    Single applicant
  14. Hey;
    Did you get any AOR so far?
    My application received 18 April 2018; no AOR till date (13 June 2018)

  15. Hey;
    My application received 18 April 2018; no AOR till date (13 June 2018),
    What do think?

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