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June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Mrva21, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. I just got an email asking to get my fingerprints done. Surprisingly it's coming from the Scarborough office. Any ideas where I should do get this done. I'm on this because its been 16months my application has in prosess and I wanna get this done asap.
  2. I wish i know where, it's not mentioned in the letter?
    Wow 16 months in process, that's too long. Is it normal for Scarborough office?
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  3. Anyone else waiting for a test invite? It’s been 16 months :(

  4. Line 73 in JULY Sheet
    Family (4)
    1135 days

    Test Invite - 20/08/2019
    Test Date - 23/09/2019
    Oath Invite Date 16 OCT
    Oath Ceremonty - 01 NOV - waiting...

    FInally there....
  5. It's been 16 months for me also. Did my fingerprints 2weeks ago. Still waiting on an update
  6. I got the test invite and interview on June 15 2019
    Decision made on June 26, 2019
    Oath letter date June 28, 2019
    and citizenship ceremony and oath on 13 August 2019
  7. I'm also waiting. What should we do?
  8. Might be taking the Mandamus route soon. I tried everything.
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  9. I finally got a letter this morning via email.

    After 17months of waiting I now get a letter to write the test for citizenship. January 15th
  10. Have you received any update?
  11. Not yet ... will be filing a Mandamus in July if I didn’t hear anything until then. You?
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  12. Not yet also.
  13. After 18 months I did my citizenship test today Jan/15/2020 and passed it 19/20. Cant wait for the last step.
  14. Congrats! Hopefully you’ll get the oath date soon!

    I applied in June 2018 and still waiting for the test invite.

  15. Congratulations... How was the interview after the exam... Did they tell you anything about the delay? Did he/ she indicated the oath timing?

    Thanks for sharing :)

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