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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. "Your File is in the que for review"...these q's must be awfully long.....
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  2. No. The Officer responsible for reviewing the files is dead, long while ago. CIC is not aware of it yet.
  3. may his soul wait at the gate of heaven to get in for the same time as he made others wait for their PPR :D:D
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    When you guys DO get your PPR's, will you be opting for GTA or Ottawa?
  5. who is this question for?
  6. Cool!

    Someone we know?
  7. Just a general question
  8. Buddy, We are almost packed, bus khaali samet kar nikalna baaki hai. Unfortunately, both my wife and I are required to give 30 days notice period in our jobs. Plus, there are other things we need to take care of, that might take another 30-40 days. So, even after COPR, it will take minimum 60 days for us to fly.
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  9. Wo to PPR ke baad gayab ho gaye @tanush14 se pucho.
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  10. Badhiya hai (That's good). If you are almost packed. 30 days notice is mind blowing, ask me 90 days (notice) of seriously doing hand picked jobs at will. I understand the fact that we all need some time before we set our foot in CA. Hope you get the PPR soon.
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  11. Bhai on paper 60 hai par I have about 30 days of EL so I will cross that to 30.
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  12. oh! I thought you were working with a very good company which accepts 30 days !! Not that I am doing a comparison of sorts, mere yaha to they dont even adjust leaves !! Height hai bhai.
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  13. When you guys are back to speaking English, Please let us know, :)
  14. Are those two cities the only options?
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