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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Someone called up CIC and was advised to wait until Jan 19, if not, raise CSE.
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  2. That was not Jan 19, it was some date in March or April. Jan 19 is just an assumption date that we might hear something.
  3. Guys I received my PPR on the 11th of January. I had received a ghost update on the 7th. Its been a grueling experience the past 6 months waiting for our PPR but trust me when it does comes the anxiety & hate vanish. I hope everyone gets their PPR soon in the coming days.
    AOR - 15th June, 2018
    Medicals - 29th June, 2018
    Docs Verified - 21st July, 2018
    Ghost Update - 7th January, 2019
    PPR - 11th January, 2019

    God Speed

    (I updated my immi tracker)
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  4. My perspective: Speed is relative so lower your expectations and you will find speed to be pretty alright. :D
  5. Congratulations Brian!!!
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  6. @Nishika22
    I posted this yesterday.
  7. Congratulations!!!!!!!!
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  8. Congrats buddy!
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  9. Pls what is the email address for accrA
  10. Hey!! Your VO is Ottawa?
  11. This is like looking for a caveat in a legal document. Guys, this cannot be so complicated. The truth is, the file ia not being looked at, there could be number of causes, reasonable or unreasonable (which is more likely). Aren't we all aware of how governments function, world over?

    Let them have their sweet time. They too would have their own deadlines per application, right?

    I go by the 'can you do something about it', rule. I guess we all have tried our best to move things here...if those things are not working. WAIT. :)
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  12. Lol, i too thought you were inland. :p
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  13. Congratulations Brian. May I know when you passed criminality ? And what was your VO after you passed criminality ?
  14. I am ordering them on 25th, too...let's race this time...ab PPR to aa raha hai nahi...chalo ye hi khel lete hai! :p
  15. #20280 macaly7, Jan 12, 2019 at 9:41 AM
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
    Daily repost:

    June applicants waiting on PPR :

    @Nishika22 Security not started (Criminality passed 26Oct18)
    @macaly7 Approved Oct 18
    @richa1987 Criminality Passed on Oct 26, Security not started
    @Onion mim
    @Rubicorn@ Security not started
    @Prashant86_2000 IP2 on 25th Oct and security not started
    @NASARIS Eligibility is still being reviewed
    @rdimmi Eligibility RR since July
    @Tazzo Security not started
    @Ronja5200 Criminality passed Oct 23
    @Gurpreet1112 Queue for review by an officer
    @Hanna1 File Approved Jan 3
    @ChiragShetty20 Security not started
    @vickymalhotra Security not started
    @pt.malik Security in progress
    @lavanya31 Security not started
    @diya20111 Criminality in process
    @mohit_79 Eligibility RR
    @meenal31 RR for my sibling document, security not started yet
    @kanu Security not started (Criminality passed 24 Oct)

    Total: 37

    Just reply or tag me and say add me / remove me and I’ll update the list.
    If you'd like your current status/any details included reply inline next to your name.
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