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July paper-based application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Vinalchawda, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Is any paper-based application approve who applied in July 23.
  2. Hi. I applied July 6th paper based application but until now there's no update and I didn't receive any Acknowledgement of Receipt from them.
  3. Did you apply for extension of stay?
  4. I applied extension of work permit
  5. Oh I see.

    I don't know much about these.

    I applied for extension of stay for my very close relative on August 24th and I am a bit worried that there was any acknowledgement from the CIC and I don't have any way of checking the status. It seems like this is how it works ... we just have to wait ...
  6. Sorry, I meant to say there was NO any acknowledgement ...

    Good luck to us, anyway.
  7. Did you apply by paper or online?
  8. Same here. It already passed the said processing time. I'm hoping this week
  9. So same as me you never received any notice from them ... It is so stressful.

    In my case we still need to wait for another 2 months or so ...
  10. I hope not. I need to renew my OHIP asap and need to file my PR as well. Im just waiting for my extension for me to do this paper work. I called them last month and they received my application on July 6th
  11. How did you reach them? I tried to call the Call center and couldn't get through ...

    Your case is also complicated as it is true with every immigration case but I have a whole different story.

    Anyway, good luck and thanks for sharing ...
  12. Hi. Did you received any update regarding your application?
  13. Nothing, not a word. But I am way after you.

    How about you?
  14. Still nothing. Just patiently waiting

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