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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Fa93, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. I am not sure though, yes its cpc. I submitted the application end of June. I guess I will know if I get the AOR2
  2. yea ok hopefully you will soon!
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  3. Btw how long did they took to get ur medicals and see when u passed it?
  4. 31-Aug Medical request received, I did the medical on the 02-Sep and MyCIC updated with "Passed" on the 07-Sep.
  5. ohhh so about 5 days eh... that's good :)
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  6. Got SA Today...But no request for SchA or Medical...AOR1 received on 2 Sep.
  7. i got my SA yesterday got med. req. today so yours should be soon
  8. I just got AOR2 its London Visa office
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  9. Hi Everyone.. I am also a July applicant and have received a request to submit Schedule A Background declaration form. New Schedule A form IMM 5669(06-2017) has given name as mandatory field. I have only First Name in the passport ,so I have filled 'Family Name same as my name on passport' and 'Given Name as blank' in all the forms. But I am not able to validate IMM 5669 as Given Name is mandatory, it cant be left blank. Any suggestions???
  10. My passport didn't have the last name either, I wrote "NOT APPLICABLE" in the first name field and also attached an affidavit to explain I did this because of the issue with my passport. My application processed without any issues.
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  11. This has probably been asked but, I uploaded Schedule A on my GCKEY last week, made sure I followed it all the way through, but it still says your action is required under Details. Is that normal? I keep clicking on the application, it says your additional documents were uploaded.
  12. In my case "Your action is required" was gone after a day or so when I uploaded and transmitted all documents. Check if there is any unread message in your profile which may require attention.
  13. Does anyone know, if you have to link the application from the applicant side and the sponsors side?
  14. Of course it just changed, LOL. Thank you!!

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