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July 01, 2011 FSW Applicants_MI 3

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by westpoint, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. First of All me and my spouse faced the receptionist at the DMP's place. She asked for our passports and then a brief history such as name, our relation, our job, what we r going to do in canada. Then she asked for 5 photos for both of us.after that she measured our height and weight. Then she took some forms from her dest and start filling form after 5 min she ask us to sign the form. Ur sign are the consent to under go HIV and syphilis serology. Then she gave forms to us so that we could check our details for any error.It was fine.

    Then she gave container for urine sample and told way to washroom. Then we wait for half an hour. After this wait a boy came with syringes and withdraw blood from the veins in forarm. He was quite professional in his job(no pain of needle). Again waiting starts. After 20 min of wait called for chest xrays. Technician asked to remove all upper and inner garments of chest and put gown. Male technician for me and a female tech for my wife was there. Xrays taken.

    Then comes the turn of physical examination. After waiting game of 1 hour we faced the doctor. Doctor asked for passport and some general questions(name add job etc) any knwn history of diabetes, hypertension, surgery. Then he asked to lie down and lift all the cloths of chest. Did palpations and auscltations on chest and back. Measured BP and pulse rate. Asked to shake uper and lower limbs. Then came the turn of eye testing and hearing test. Closed one eye and read some leters. Then stood at some distance and closed an ear and repeated some words said by the doctor. Thats all with physical xam.

    Doctor asked us to come after 1 hour to discuss our reports. We went after 1 hr and he told everythng is fine. They will send medicals within one week. In the end receptionst gave us photocopies of medical form's first page( mine and my wife) and original recepts of medical fee. We thanked her and came back.

    I hope this information will help others.
  2. Congrats Joyeta !!, :) this is good news for SGVO applicants. Wishing you best of luck , stay healthy
    & Maple Leaf visa stamp on your passport next month! 8) 8)
  3. Congrats buddy !!!.. :) I told you that in a couple of days you were going to receive your PP back with visa stamp on it!..
    I'm happy for you & good luck in Canada bro..! ;D

    Luckymystery :) u are next in line my friend!!! 8) 8) ;)
  4. miteshkapadia,

    NDVO had sent an email asking for 'sumit updated proof of funds of the amount INR XXXX"



  5. WOOOOWWW!!! Congratulations!!!!!! so inspiring..... ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. Congratulations and good luck for your new life in Canada and your white christmas!!
  7. wow thats a great news, congrats buddy
  8. Congratulations BIg O !! God bless you. In Jesus name.Amen.
    stay safe and have a happy life in Canada..please pray for us too.. :)
  9. Hi


    I want to ask how much chances of interview after getting medical.i already have submitted medical,ppr on 13th feb.yesterday 'medical have been received' line was added.
  10. I appreciate you
  11. regard to last update ,we can see total applicants were received are 8387 it means we approach to cap soon.
  12. buddy as there was one post in forum I don't remember who's but... He was the person who went for interview after done with medicals...!!

    and what he found out that almost 15 persons were waiting for the interview and all of them were those who haven't received medicals..!!

    so consider the ratio 1:15(6.67%) gets interview after medicals...
    completely my assumption.....
  13. London Visa Officers......

  14. Hey dear Ravi here I am,[​IMG]

    just don't have the heart to be active on the forum anymore

    [​IMG]............thanks to LVO :mad: :mad:
  15. hahahahhahah I can't stop laughing !yes they are sleeping am sick of waiting !

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