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Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by ShylajaRajiv, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. No, none of these documents attest to your employer´s willingness to employ you permanently (or for a minimum of one year) after you become a permanent resident.

    Have you estimated your CRS score? Do you NEED the job offer points?
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  2. I need job offer. My CRS coming at 450
  3. The fact that your WP ends in August 2020 creates a problem for you to claim 50 for Job offer points using ICT. There is no way for you to prove you will have work for 1 year after getting PR.
  4. Hello,

    I've a similar question if I can claim for 50 points towards job offer.

    I've been working in Canada full time since March 2016 on a closed WP (ICT, LMIA exempt) for the same employer, recent one valid till March, 2021.
    My org will not issue an offer of employment stating "1 year job after PR is issued", but I've an offer of employment they issued for WP extension in May-2019, and Letter of support they issued this month (valid till March-2021) for changing my work location from Quebec to Ontario. Both the letters have the same NOC code#2171 mentioned.
    I should be able to create EE profile in Jan-2020 after receiving my ECA, and based on my points (including these 50) should receive the ITA in subsequent draw.

    Please advise.
  5. I would like to share my experience with you, so you may take an informed decision.

    I am in the same situation as you and my organisation does not provide an offer letter, however i have received experience letter laying out my job descriptoin and duties and hours of work and position type.

    I applied to EE under the Experience class and claimed the arranged employement for the additional points. I have an ICT which is valid till 2021 and I uploaded all the documents and wrote a letter of explanation ouylining my situation as to not being able to produce an offer letter which states that i will continue to have employment for minimum 1 year after the PR is granted.

    This lead to my refusal which came in this week. This is vert tricky and is assessed on a case by case basis; this is my personal opinion and does not have any documentory proof to substatiate that Immigration officers exercised descretion in others case.

    I am not thinking of using an immigration lawyer for my next attempt, i have sufficient poinst if i am using my 1 year work experience and my wife's 1 year work experience in Canada. However, it is a very tricky situation, no current employer, in my knowledge the big multinationals would issue an open employment offer of one year and open themselves up to litigation. I am begining to think this is just another miss informed clause in the application criteria.

    If anyone has used a lawyer post refusal and agina claimed the same 50 points, i would love to hear their experience. It would help a wole lot of people in this genuine situation.
  6. As rohomecupo mentioned, it varies from case to case, since you have support letter with clear dates (date till your Canada assignment is valid) your case might go through. However there is always a chance for rejection also.

    Did you claim Job offer before completing one year in Canada?
  7. I have completed one year and then claimed the arranged employment section while creating the profile
  8. have you given deputation letter --it should state deputation period until 2021
  9. Well the ICT states the purpose and need for a 2 year extension and no I don’t have any specific deputation letter as the project is not based on
  10. I have the same problem, I do not get any point for job offer which is exempt from LMIA. Even I add 1 year worked for the same company and I am going to continue for years. There is no any option in the list that my job offer is exempt from LMIA.
  11. @Rohomecup
    Did you send any offer of employment (you might have from WP application) with you application?
    In my case, I do have an Offer of employment valid till Mar-2021 that explains all my job duties I'm going to perform. The only problem is that it was issued from my company for WP extension and does not state anything about PR. Please let me know your views.
  12. Hi,
    Just my personal experience. My July AOR PR application got rejected yesterday due to arranged employment issue. I claimed 50 points and used the job offer letter I got then I joined my company here (ICT on closed WP). My offer letter stated it
    is conditional upon you being legally eligible to work in Canada on
    an indefinite basis and letter of employment mentioned it was full time permanent role. But the officer was not convinced unfortunately. Any idea what I may be missing?

  13. What was the expiry date of your work permit .. in my opinion you should be ok if you have 1.6 year job offer in employer portal of CIC from date you get AOR . However I am also claimed 50 points and waiting for PR
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    It Varies from case to case, that is why claiming job offer in ICT without proper documents is not recommended, few my colleagues have got our PR approved with job offer points, all of them had WP valid for more than 1 years 6 months at least and were able to produce strong documents to show they had work till a certain date in future.
  15. That means you wont recommend me to claim these 50 points. As per my below post, If I apply for PR in Jan/Feb, My ICT WP (and offer of employment) will be valid for 13-14 months (less than 18 months). Based on your comments I see more chances of refusal.


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