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Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by rayan123, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi Jhun_nyor

    Thanks for your post. I've been reading some posts here in canada visa forum and majority of the posts implies that it's very hard to find a job on the field that you are in. Your posts somewhat provides hope for us who are planning to migrate in Canada.

    I am also an accountant here in the Phils and is migrating to Canada next year. I have 10 yrs experience in multi national companies in the field of general accounting. I just hope that I could also find a company which will recognize the experiences that I have here in PH. By the way, is the company you are referring to is Chevron?

    I just hope that you could share more your experiences. Thanks.
  2. @ Kathrine,

    well in my opinion I was just blessed getting a job right away and it happens that IT is unregulated profession in Canada.

    I would suggest that before leaving for canada research more on how you can integrate your profession in canada specially that an Accountant is a regulated profession in all provinces. You cannot work as an accountant unless you were licensed in canada.

    however there is an NOC for accounts and receivable clerks which is not regulated and you might want to look at it as a starting point while you certify yourself as an accountant. search for the governing body for the province you are planning to settle and what are their requirements.

    No it's not chevron.

    Good luck! and welcome to Canada soon =)
  3. For all those professional and skilled workers who have a good job in the home country, its really difficult to find an equivalent position in Canada. if you are living comfortably in your own country and has no peculair agenda, its better for you to stay home. There are many jobless new immigrants in Canada. Thats an open secret.
  4. I have a second thought. Right now in Canada there are lots of shortage for the IT & Telecommunication Engineers. I came to Canada in September 2011. After 1 month I got 3 interview calls, 2 of them were phone interview and the other one was face to face. 2 out of three came out with offer letter. And I have started as a Telecommunication Engineer in the same position I have left in my home country.
  5. Please share the names of the companies you applied to so that it can help other people in this forum
  6. I have applied in Shaw Commuinications, Huawei and xplore broadband. There are lots of job postings in Monster and Workopolis. To get a call, you must have a standard Resume for Canadian Market.

    Just think yourself as a product and you need to market it yourslef. That is the key.
  7. I think it really depends on one's profession. Have friends who got management level jobs when they landed in Canada. The industry where one belongs to matters, of course. And some luck. :)

    My friend who landed in BC suggested that I get an equivalency.
  8. yes i agree it all depends on one's profession. i have a background in architecture and engineering, and i received a job offer from a structural engineering firm on my 5th day here in Calgary. compensation is ok but not good as what oil & gas companies normally offer.
  9. Hi Mayank,
    I too am a Physio from Ind and have received my visa 2 months ago. It took around 10 months in all! You must first understand what you want from life before taking the step to apply..work wise you will need to start as a Physio assistant and simultaneously get your education credentialling done..the licensing takes around one year..so be prepared for more studies and work..but once we are set then it should be amazing! I am going to land in March 2012..so fingers crossed! do research the web for more info!
  10. To get a job that pays $5,000 dollars tax free in Canada!! :eek:, wow, I don't hear too many people say they get paid that much here!

    I do not want to discourage you, but one thing I have learned as an immigrant in Canada, is that everyone has their own luck and every persons experience is different. Some immigrants come here and get their dream jobs within a short time. Others, like me, have had lots of challenges and still facing challenges. As a new immigrant, one of the first things you hear from Canadian employers is they 'need Canadian experience and education'. So that is the first challenge for many educated immigrants. So many immigrants take whatever jobs they can just to survive, because some may not have the time to go back to school as they have children and need to make money to survive. But if you have faith like me, just work hard, go back to school to upgrade, try and do the best you can. Don't give up hope and work your way up as best as you can. And if you are able to get a job that pays $5000 dollars in Canada, believe me you me you have 'made it'.

    As I said, everyone's experience is different, so don't base your coming to Canada on a few people's bad experiences as Canada is a a lovely place to live, however be prepared to face tough challenges, be prepared to work extremely hard, as nothing here comes easy.
  11. Hi Viper,
    I also have a background in Architecture and have landed in Calgary 2 days back.
    Can you share your experience as to how you went about finding the job.

    If possible and fine by you, i would appreciate a little chat with you.
    Please let me know if that works


  12. unfortunately, that friend of mine just got laid off. :-[
  13. hi jhun_nyor,

    Congrats on ur success.

    Is it possible to let me know for which company u r working?

    My husband and i r in Canada since two months and r looking for a stable job..
    thanking you,
  14. Hi there, maybe you could share some office/company that might need architects or related job...Me and my husband are both licensed architects in the Philippines and presently residing here in KSA with our kids. I know our profession is regulated but at-least...is it possible to land on a similar/related job as architect? We are willing to start from the bottom...but not to the point that not related job at all...I feel worried about this upon landing there soon..sorry for this :'(
  15. Hi Shaon, My name is Raghu, I am from India . I am in search of a job in Telecom for my son . He has done masters in Digital Signal Processing and Communications from University Of Edinburgh. He is working in FTTH and FTTP area in India for one year. Is he eligible to apply for telecom jobs in Canada? could you please guide me . my mail id is siluraghu@gmail.com . Thank you.


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