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Jewellery declaration

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by ARN, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Hello folks!

    Need some help please.

    For immigration, I have to declare my jewellery that I'm bringing with me and in goods to follow that I will bring later at some point.

    The issue is, we have big gold and diamond sets here and the value of 1 of them is about CAD10,000 roughly. So the cost of all of them will be humongous.

    Now I have multiple sets like these. Should I declare all of them in goods to follow, in case I want to bring them in later at some point or not? Is there some duty charge on jewellery that costs more than CAD 10,000?
  2. Yes.

    That's perfectly fine.

    Yes. Absolutely. Be as detailed as possible.

    There are duties on jewellery in general. Gold bars are treated like currency (no duties), but worked metal is treated as a purchase.

    As a quick example, I ran through the CBSA duty estimator. For a CAD 10,000 piece of precious or semi-precious jewellery, bought outside the US and into BC, the duties and taxes are CAD $2,152.00.

    Declare them all if they will accompany later.
  3. Thankyou so much for such a detailed response! I want to declare just to be safe.

    Another thing- I'm filling in my B4 form beforehand, can I just state the following or do I go into details?


    Clothing. CADxxx
    Shoes. CADxxx
    electronics CADxxx
    Makeup. CADxxx
    Bags. CADxxx
    Household linens CADxxx
    Accessories. CADxxx
    Jewllery. CADxxx
    Books. CADxxx
    Toiletries. CADxxx
  4. HI

    1, Electronics should have serial no. listed.
    2. Expensive jewelry , pictures and valuations,
  5. a quick question :

    correct me if i got this right, so if we declare jewelry in items to follow there will be no tax on it when it arrives in Canada ? Right!


  6. Yes, if I understand correctly.
  7. Do medicines have to be declared also?
  8. Is there any guideline for 'expensive jewelry'?
    Like if it's over CAD 100, CAD 1,000 or CAD 10,000?
  9. It will depend to a large extent on your wealth and the other goods.

    If (for example), you are declaring a 10 million dollar car, then the jewelrey is a minor issue, even at $1,000. If you are bringing $5,000 worth of jewelrey and only $1,000 of other goods, it's more important to have good documentation.

    I would personally recommend anything over $100 have a picture.

    We ended up crossing the border twice with our goods. The first time as a temporary resident, we brought a trailer. Every single item was inventoried with name, description, value. Printed it out - the officer looked at it and decided that since we listed absolutely everything, there was no need to search or cause problems. We had about $20,000 worth of goods.

    When we became PRs, we brought the rest of our goods and switched our temporary imported goods to permanent. Brought a sheet (from excel) with name, description, value, and picture. Again, when we hit the border, everything was in order, so they didn't search and didn't charge any taxes.

    The more paperwork you have, and the better documented you are, the better things go.
  10. Thanks, that's what I am thinking.
  11. Hello,

    What do you mean by jewelry to follow?
    If I dont carry any when I first land in Canada but show them the pictures then by when do I have to get the jewelry into the country ? is there any time limit?

    Secondly, should the values be exact amount in current market or at the time I bought it? how exactly does the valuation is to be done?

    Thank you
  12. Hi Folks,
    I am immigrating to Canada next month. Although I am not bringing any gold jewelry with me, I do have small silver jewelry (not expensive) and imitation jewellery. Do I still have to take pictures of them and declare them at customs?

    Thank you for your reply,

    Best regards

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