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January 2020 on wards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR connect here.


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May 10, 2020
Got eCOPR today. Below is my timeline fir your ref:

MPNP inland + 1 dependent
AR: 24/7

AOR: 27/1

Upfront medical: 26/2

MR: 1/3

MP: 29/4

DM: 21/5

Invitation email for PR portal from IRCC and responded: 31/5

Log in Portal and confirm address & upload photo: 2/6

eCOPR: 7/6

Thanks for everything to those who share their timeline to motivate me keep patient waiting and think optimistic. Best wishes for those still waiting.
Did you get PAL before DM?


Apr 8, 2021
Visa Office......
Med's Request
Med's Done....
Hello everyone. Has anyone received any news from Mexico’s vo? I got Sponsorship approval on December 9 2020 & has been quiet ever since :(

Journey to Pr

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Jan 25, 2021
Hi Guys,

hope you are all doing well. Please kindly suggest on my inquiry below:

Type: PNP Inland -OINP Job offer (restricted to my employer). But I am on an open PGWP.
Timeline: AR - Aug 2020
AOR - April 2021
MP - May 2021
ADR - May 2021 RPRF
PAL - June 8 2021. (Today)

Situation: I changed my job May-2021 because of a better career opportunity given I also have a EE CEC application in parallel (still ongoing, very slow). I know changing a job is greatly not recommend for PNP job offer.
But after my job change, I have informed my local PNP and IRCC last week through a web form.

but I am a bit surprised that they still sent me a PAL instead of a revaluation today.
Can you suggest is it likely changing a job did not effect my federal process or it is just the officer has not had a look of my web form?
If I eventually get my PR via PNP, does it carry any future risks? (Let’s say OINP inform IRCC that they cancelled my nomination).

thank you for any inputs!
Finally august has started
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