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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Ok u may have recieve ur BM soon
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  2. Good morning Jay... Can you please share your timeline bro.
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  3. Spousal Sponsorship | Outland | Canadian PR | Wife in Nigeria
    App R: Jan 8th | AOR: Mar 4th | BM Request: N/A | SA: Mar 6th | MR: June 4th
    BM Completed: N/A | Medical Passed: June 26th| File Transfer: March 11
  4. Spousal Sponsorship Outland.
    I'm a Canadian citizen.
    Wife in Nigeria.
    Application Received, Jan 31st
    BM payment request. March 20
    BM not done till now.
    Medical Request, July 3rd
    Medical Passed. July 20
    Till now i never hear anything from them ooo.
    Thanks so much Jay.
  5. For me it took around 6.5 months for biometrics instruction letter to come after my husband paid for it... I got pre arrival and request to do biometrics at the same time. Hope it will make u feel better, just monitor your ecas and gckey account for updates.
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  6. Thanks so much .
    Pre Arrival letter is that when they request for Passport to be submitted ?
  7. how do you receive pre arrival on ecas or email?
  8. Nope, it’s when they send u a letter how to prepare yourself to live in Canada. They say it is something u get when they determine that relation is genuine...
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  9. Appreciate
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    From lawyer... I think she got it through gckey account. And then she just sent it to our email.
  11. We got the status updated as approved in GC key. Passport has been dispatched from CHC today. We are yet to receive it.
    I noticed that the bio metric details are not there now in GC account. It were there till today. The status does say biometric completed but the number and date which appeared on top is no more there. Anyone who got PPR have noticed this.
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  12. Our application was approved at my spouses interview with the canadian embassy at amman jordan.
    Application received january 23rd 2019, and decision made august 25th 2019. 7 months into the application :)

    I was wondering, once I pay the right to permanent residence fee, how long does it take to get your passport requested?

    and once the passport has been requested, can my husband go to the visa office and get his passport stamped, or is does he have to send it in through the mail. is there a fast way to get the visa stamped on the passport?

    thank you kindly for all your guys help, being apart of this group really helped with the process of this all. i am thankful for everyone whos ever helped me with answering all my annoying questions
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  13. Hi
    I don't think there is faster way to get the passport stamped. You need to submit it at the designated centre as advised by CIC which your country's Canadian embassy. Other than stamping on visa they also send you COPR which is your landing papers. This process takes around a week or two depending on your visa office.
  14. I applied for PR when my son is in india. Now he is canada and his 6 months stay is due on 5th september. Now i got passport request just today. Do i still need to apply for extension for his visitor status?
  15. Called CIC.. yes i will need to apply for his visa extension. By the time of landing he should have proper status. till landing my son is not PR.

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