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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. what is GCMS notes and how do you apply>?
  2. Is it every friday that the applications get updated?
  3. Most probably, but not always.
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  4. Hi everyone, I'm somewhat new to these forums so apologies if I do ask anything that has already been answered elsewhere.

    Ok so without further ado, my situation at the moment as the PA (a Spanish citizen/long time UK resident):

    - Outland application sent off mid-January (~17th), but unfortunately we *DID NOT* pay and send Biometrics fee receipt with application.
    - Request for document(s) on 7th March. Wording of request is somewhat confusing so I will copy paste here, but we understood it to be a request specifically for the French police certificate (I spent my Erasmus study programme/year abroad in France):

    '> Police Certificate: From each country/state where the residence period has been six months or longer since the age of 18, provide an original police clearance certificate. Please provide a police certificate from France. This must be received at this office by: 2019/05/07.'

    My wife and I sent off both my UK and French police certificates with the application in January, so we were a bit surprised to see this request. Does the wording of that request suggest to send off copies of both UK and French Police certificates or just the French one? We understood it to be a request just for the French Police Certificate as they explicitly ask for that, so we mailed another copy of it to CPC Sydney.

    To continue...

    - Sponsor Approval at the same time as Police Certificate request (7th March). Successfully linked paper application to GC Key account at same time.
    - Request for Medical Exam 8th March. Passed on 17th March.
    - Request for proof of Biometrics fee payment on 26th March. Uploaded fee receipt and acknowledgement of upload on 1st April.

    Since end of March/beginning of April, nothing. Radio silence. We knew it was going to be a few extra weeks of waiting for the Biometrics but it's been 4 months now of nothing since the medical exam pass and the proof of Biometrics payment upload. I know everyone's timelines differ, in some cases drastically so, but we're 6 months into the process now with no Biometrics done, no news of transfer to Visa Office (as far as we know our application is still at CPC Sydney?), and so we are concerned. Would it be a good idea to ask for our case notes now? Is anyone else experiencing (or has experienced) a similar timeline? Where they actually asking for both UK and French police certificates, not just the French one? Have they just forgotten about our application gathering dust at the bottom of the pile?

    Sorry for all the questions! We're just unsure as to what's happening and concerned at the lack of news now for several months at this stage of the process. Any and all info is appreciated. :)
  5. We're also Jan 2019 applicants. Biometrics and medical were done in March 2019 and no news ever since. As far as I know, there are a few other applicants with similar timelines still waiting for file transfer! Don't know why it's taking them so long to transfer our file while many other Jan 2019 applicants already received their PPRs!!!
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    Interesting, thanks for the reply!

    I think if I had paid the Biometrics fee upfront with everything else I probably would have done them along with my medical in March too. As it stands, we haven't heard anything since the request for proof of Biometrics payment. I get the feeling that this apparent delay for file transfer and radio silence is either going to be a good thing - that they're doing the eligibility/background checks first instead of the usual timeline, and our files might be sent to Mississauga for speedy processing...or a bad thing and we're going to overrun past the 12 month timeframe, stuck in the 2019 backlog well into 2020.

    Out of interest what does your GC Key say? I have eligibility review and background checks in process, and my medical exam passed of course, with a request for additional documents. So far we've responded promptly to those requests IRCC have made. No biometrics as mentioned.

    Hard to decipher what's going on unless we order case notes, but then they often don't clarify what the issue might be, sometimes even complicating things. I also feel like it's a little too early to be asking for them within the 12-month timeframe.

    At least it's somewhat comforting to know that there's others out there going through a similar, unusual timeline. Here's hoping we get some news soon, it's been a solid 4 months of nothing. I'll post updates here when I get them.

    P.S. When you got Sponsor Approval, did you also get information of where your file would be transferred for 2nd stage processing? My wife just got SA and that was it, no indication of where the file will be transferred to for AOR2.
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  7. I have an interview in AMMAN VISA OFFICE on August 25th 2019.
    my husband completed biometrics and his health exam.
    i am nervous for the interview, im worried, any advice?
    also we are allowed to bring more documents,
    i have text messages and a few receipts, etc. should the text messages include sexual conversation? or should that not be included
  8. I would suggest calling CIC or raise a CSE, i never got any email regarding my file transfer after submitting my biometrics. I called in to check the status and it was the agent who told me that my app was transferred and after a week i received an email.
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  9. Take all you can for the interview. I don't see any harm in showing them sexual conversation because they'll be asking all sorts of questions about your personal life. Interviews can be stressful but it shouldn't be a problem as long as your relation is strong and you guys know everything about each other and have your future plans in order. I'm in the last stage of processing and pretty sure will get an interview myself.
    Any red flags in the application? age gap or less proof of cohabitation, how long did you guys date for before getting married? All of these things matter when the visa officer decides to conduct an interview just so they can get more information before approving the application so certain red flags raise suspicion but you guys should be ready with all the documents and proof and your relation story to clear all concerns.
  10. I was call at midi regarding csq enquiry theyhave told me for your csq application decsion made not yet what does itse mean any idea?

  11. So you called regarding your case specific enquiry and they said no decision has been made on it yet?
    if you don't mind me asking what was the enquiry about that they need to make a decision on it
  12. I have applied for csq .they have said on your files decision not met.when i will i got my csq?
  13. I called IRCC a while back and they said they are processing our security screening. The operator said however, for the cases when the security is done before the file transfer, they try to do most of the work at IRCC in parallel to the screening, so after the file transfer it would take shorter for the local office to process the case (don't know how solid of a fact this is though!).
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  14. Thanks for the suggestion. However I did call them a few weeks ago and they said they have not yet transferred my file.

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