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January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR


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Aug 22, 2020
Finally I got the golden email

AR May 2019 MPNP with 3 dependents
AOR June 2019
MR Nov 2019
1st PAL in gckey Nov 2019
2nd PAL Email Dec 2019, guess that's when I passed background check as I saw it after approval done since Dec 2019
MP Dec 2019
Ghost update-- Oct 19, 2020
Ghost update---Oct 30, 2020
Ghost update-- Nov 01, 2020
Ghost update-- Nov 15, 2020
Ghost update-- Nov 16, 2020Medical passed extension
Approval in gckey plus copr Nov 18, 2020
Ecas shows decision made.

All the long wait ended with good news. I really appreaciate everyone in this group for the kind words of hope we give ourselves. I pray everyone waiting will also get their good news anytime before ending of the year. You guys are so wonderful. I will be here to answer any questions to help anyone as I got same from people too here on this forum.
Really happy for you many many congrats wish u blessed life ahead

hope i will also get it soon waiting is making me mentally scik

are your dependants Inland or outland


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Sep 7, 2020
Ready for PS
Visa Office......
NOC Code......
App. Filed.......
Doc's Request.
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
I just start my 22 months as well and my medical is expired
AR January 2019
AOR April 2019
Med request Sept 9, 2019
Med pass Oct 5, 2019
Pre Arrival letter October 9, 2019
Pre arrival email November 7, 2019
Long silence until I called in january 2020 and was told that a biometrics letter was on my file from April 2019 for my dependent. I requested the letter to be sent to me and I paid the fees. The biometrics instructionetter was sent on march 5, 2020 and my dependent did it March 10, 2020.
Requested GCM notes in march 202 and got it in April 2020. Info sharing, and the other checks were done apart from security not started and criminality in process. Until this day each time I called it's the same answer. On september 8, 2020 I got a ghost update. On the 29 of september 2020 I got another ghost update which signal my medical was expired. Ever since, there is no updates and nothing forthcoming so I will just sit and wait to see how long they will take before they finalize the file.
All of us that are waiting for so long, I believe there is a light a head. I know the frustrations are in high mode but let us continue to pray that by the ending of this month we will get our PR. I decree and declare that it shall be done in Jesus name. Amen.
I have a friend in a similar position as yours. She saw decision made in ECAS today. Let’s hope you both will hear good news soon.


Nov 2, 2020
inland pnp application
i got my ppr on aug 09, 2020
Passport sent cpc-ottawa 11 aug 2020
Was put in queue for for virtual landing on aug 24 2020. (APPROVED)
cpc Ottawa assigned Saskatoon as a secondary office as i am in Saskatchewan.

Still waiting and whenever i call cic they advise to wait
how much time is it going to take? It is painful!
Please suggest.