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January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR


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Mar 11, 2017
The same thing happened to me today
AR- June 13, 2019
AOR - July 12, 2019
Pal - Dec, 2019
MP - Jan, 2020 ( upfront) Mine done 2019 JULY Spouse done 2019 DEC
Application/Profile Updated - July, 2020 - Medical Expired
Application/Profile Updated - Sep 16, 2020 - Medical Passed

What will be likely to happen to us next?
Hello guys,

same thing happened to me. My wife medical was expired in july and message reverted back to normal.
Today account says application/profile updated and sept 16 passed medical.
Still 7 months remaining on the gc key.


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Apr 19, 2020
OINP Inland

AR: 26th June 2019
AOR: 23rd July 2019
MD : 20th November(upfront)
MS: 2nd December
MP: 9th December
PAL: 18th December
DM: 16th September.

Happy now..waiting for COPR or call

Hi Can you please let me know ... did you got any Ghost Update or not ..???

Did you ordered anytime GCMS notes..??


Jan 13, 2020
Does anyone missed the call from IRCC and got a COPR in
AR April 26, 2019
AOR May 31, 2019
Medical request Oct 15, 2019
Medical Passed Nov 2, 2019
PAL Nov 14, 2019
RCMP request Nov 15, 2019
COPR confirmation gckey Sept 15, 2020
COPR letter Sept 16, 2020
Congratulations ! Did you got any call from IRCC before COPR Letter? Would like to know if we miss the call what would be scenario?

Jason zhang

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May 30, 2018
I received ADR last month 18 Aug.
-new police certificate
-schedule A
-schedule 4
-employment letter
-IMM5562 and IMM 5645
-submissions: original and last, date and place of entry of Canada
I submitted the documents to Cic. After that nothing happened. I also called cic today and they told me It’s still under background check and they don’t know how long will it be.
Ar Feb 2019
Aor April 2019
under AINP
My case transferred to Calgary local office On Nov 2019.
Guys who’s case in Calgary office and waiting for DM ?