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January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR


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Apr 15, 2018
Called IRCC and I was informed that everything is passed now (got GU this morning)...do I got GU because I passed security or DM is coming soon? May be a silly question but if anyone can answer...
Time line please .........
Thank you


Dec 11, 2019
Whats your AR AOR MR and did you any Additional doc request
Ar-jan 28 2019
Aor-april 03 2019
Mr-sep 09 2019
Adr-30 sep 2019
pal-01 oct 2019
Got confirmation by calling cic and webform that everything including security was passed on mar 11 2020.missed a call for landing interview couple times on mar 17 2020 and may 22 2020 from cic.
Then again received a landing interview call from a private number (no caller id)on sep 04 2020 in the evening .
Got decision made in the ecas on sep 04 2020.
Got copr via email on sep 08 2020 in the evening.
One thing i have noticed is that the only delay on my file was just because the calls i missed from cic.so i will suggest everyone to keep an eye on calls and try to not miss any calls or else its gonna delay the process.
Hope everyone waiting will get their copr soon.good luck guys.


Dec 11, 2019
My DM date is the same: September 04th, Friday.
Did they send you an e-mail in the evening? I thought that IRCC e-mails come only early morning. Did they post on your GCKey account?
All the very best for you and your family. :)
Thanks.i don't have access to gc key coz my file is with my representative.so i am not sure about that.but i got copr email from my representative yesterday evening.