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January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nikhil48783, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. I hope it will be 12m for everyone.18m is too long to wait((((
  2. Hello Guys,

    OINP inland with 1 dependent
    Application sent : 24th June 2019
    Application Received: 25th June 2019( according to courier)

    AOR: Waiting

    Please add me in whatsapp group of 2019 file
    +1 437-995-0972
  3. Hi guys.Who knows if IRCC will require bank statement or letter after AOR?
  4. Hey guys,
    OINP inland applicant
    AR: 31 Dec 2018
    AOR: 20 March 2019
    Waiting for MR
  5. Hi guys
    Sinp inland
    Ar- 20 jan 19
    Aor - 30 mar 19
    Waiting further..
    Anyone with same timeline
  6. PR Application Received: 14 June 2019
    AOR: 12 July 2019
  7. Hlo guys,
    I sent my paper application to Sydney on april 29 th 2019 and it was recieved may3,2019.
    I havent heard anything back from cic yet. Mine was oinp inland. Its more than 2 months now
  8. Which stream?
  9. Oinp - international student with job offer
  10. Have u receIved medical
  11. OINP- Job offer International student
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  12. I havent heard back for anythung as yet
  13. Hlo guys
    I tried linking my application to my cic account. It says you have representative tied to the application. Your representative have access to your application.

    Does that mean my rep already recieved AOR?
    Is he the only one who can access my application?
    If he gave me the application number, will i be able to link that application in my account?
  14. You will have to remove the representative if you want to access your file however you can check the status of your application on this link by providing your details .
  15. Hlo
    hlo Jaseenali,
    I checked it online and it says they sent aor on june 10,2019 and the application is in process.
    But it does nt says anything about biometrics. How long does it takes to recieve biometrics request after aor. ?

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