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January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nikhil48783, Mar 11, 2019.

    • Hi, I have applied to CIC on April 05, 2019. The sent me UCI and application number. However they requested me to send schedule A for my spouse online make the application complete.
    • My AOR is May 28, 2019. Biometrics requested on May 29, 2019 and Biometrics done on June 11, 2019.
    • My applications status reads as below
    1. Review of eligibility
      • We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
      Review of medical results
      • You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes.
      Review of additional documents
      • We are reviewing the additional documents you provided.
      • You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.
      • Completed.
      Background check
      • We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.
      Final decision
      • Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.
  1. Hi,

    I will like to find out if proof of fund is required for PR pocessing for paper based application. Did not see proof of fund requirement on the document checklist.

    Thank you
  2. Not required to send cic during The time of application submission, but u have to maintain required amount, they will ask u at anytime as adr
  3. Full application submitted in April 2019
    Got aor may 2019
    Link account in May 2019
    Got biometric instructions in May
    Did biometric in May
    Account updated with biometric by cic
    Waiting for next stage medical and co
  4. My case is exactly similar timelines. I have applied paper based MPNP. its also showing me 18 months ie Nov 2020. have u got message that ur application is being reviewed yet?
  5. No I m out side canada
  6. Biometrics enrolment should email to you with the AOR. Every applicant will be sent with the instruction letter attached.
  7. Date Submitted: 2 Feb 2019
    AOR : 12 April 2019
    Waiting for MR...

    Is it safe to do upfront medical at this point?

  8. i have applied for SINP (outland) paper based application from india.. and submitted my file in Feb.. but still have not received my AOR.. so please anybody can guide me.. what should i do further.. should i contact IRCC through webform.. please suggest me
  9. I got my aor on 19 june nd boimetric instructions letter
    File submitted 14 may
    Paper base india
  10. Hi guys, I really need your help I have applied for CIC and got AOR on early June. Previously I traveled to the US for nine months and while I was staying there I travelled to Ghana and Canada for 3-5 days for a meeting. However while filling travel history (immi5562), I missed to include Ghana and Canada in my travel history. Should I need to send another corrected travel history with my visas in webform.
  11. S
    See u can search ecas status thru payment receipt number....in that u can see your AOR date and file received date ...
  13. 2019 Paper based applicants. Anyone who has received Medical Requests after AOR?
  14. hi everybody and best of luck to you all , I hope everyone of you get the permanent residency . here is my time line .
    (Inland applicant Ontario PNP )
    Aor- October 16 2018(paper based file )
    Started my case - January 16 ,2019
    Biometrics done - may 1 2019
    Medical requested - may 13 3019
    Medical passed - June 5 2019
    Waiting DM and ppr !

    Have a great day
    Ali .

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