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January 2019 Intake

Discussion in 'Education' started by Priyanka Madhwani, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Is any p.g. diploma management course open for January 2019 intake in Ontario, Canada.
  2. currently applications are still open. U have to figure out which college u want to join and then check into their page.
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  3. Heyyy Please can someone help me out with some genuine answers.
    I want to apply for post graduate degree or diploma for managment or accounting related course in any college of toronto. but my agent is saying none of college is open now for jan 2019 intake. but i am hoping for miracle. i really want to go for jan 2019 intake. i waited so long to fulfill all documents requiremnts. please can someone tell me is any college which can be expected to open its offer letter for jan 2019..??? please help me out
  4. Accounting at seneca is open.
  5. Go to this link to get more info
  6. Please let me know also.
    I want to apply for PG DIPLOMA for accountancy or Managmnet. but college should be in toronto. please help me out..is any college open for jan intake in toronto.. please let me know its urgencyy.. my agent is saying all colleges are closed. but please if any one is having information where i can apply for offer letter for jan intake in toronto..please let me know

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