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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Guys, where do we pay for biometrics? At the VFS Globla/VAC or CIC website?
  2. I paid when I was submitting the application, 85 CAD. I think that is the case for everyone else.
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  3. That is what is called a "Ghost Update" It means your application has been updated and might be in IP1 or IP2.
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    Please add me to the whatsapp group.

  5. I would like to be added to the whatsapp group for Jan AOR
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  6. Got MEP today, AOR Jan 24.
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  7. Hi, we provided our bio-metrics on 21 Feb and the bio-metrics details are updated in the applicant information section. However the application status message still reads "we need your fingerprints to process your application" rather than displaying "completed" status. Is this normal?
  8. Yes, thank you for kindly reply. But I thought it would be usually MEP and then IP1. Mine is like IP1 first, but no MEP yet. So I'm very worried about it.:(
  9. Does IP2 start after biometrics and review of all the files? Or is it the process that goes along with all of those processes?
  10. Guys, my it's been two months but still medicals are under review, but progress bar changed to 4 months. January 12th AOR. Any ideas on when I will pass medicals?
  11. You should have already. Are you sure they haven't sent any notifications or requests to you already?

    Are you CEC or FSW ?
  12. Got the request for book metric today. Has cleared the medical on the 1st earlier this month.
    So all the applicants who do not receive it immediately don't worry too much.
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  13. Hey anybody got medical passed today please update
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  14. I'm FSW, I got a request for specialist report. So, I submitted it on jan31st. My file went to in review on feb21st, wondering how long it takes. Any idea on when I can receive an update?
  15. Give it some time. Your updated medical information will have to be passed to a physician who will further analyze your case before getting back to the case analyst in IRCC with either positive or negative feedback. It can take as long as it takes.

    What was the issue with your initial medical exam? Something wrong with your health or was the screening conducted incorrectly at the clinic ?

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