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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Hi need urgent help.
    Aor 8th Jan
    Mep 15th feb
    Biometric completed 5tb March
    After that no updates and my eligibility and background are under process from 5th March.
    Didn't order any gcms notes.
    Yesterday I mailed Ralph goodale and he replied that my eligibility is not met
    Criminality is passed and security checks are not started. Also medicals are valid till 19th dec.
    What to do now?
    I don't know at what point my eligibility has not passed.
    If I nw order gcms it will take long time to come.
    Any other alternative to know at what point my eligibility is not met.
    Plz help guys.
  2. Hey...what did you do further about it then,? I have received the same mail. And i have not even ordered gcms notrs
  3. Who is Ralph Gooddale? Sorry for being ignorant
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  4. Yesterday i emailed the office of Mr. Ralph Goodale and got this as a reply:

    Eligibility is in progress – recommend pass.

    Criminality and security checks are passed.

    Medicals are valid until Dec 2019.

    My Aor is 24 jan. What do you experts think how much more time will be required to get the golden email?

    His office replied in hours so it might be the best option to get updates.
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  5. yeah. Let's hope we receive them soon.

  6. I think you have reached to the end point.. You might get it anytime.. BTW, who is this Ralph Goodale? Can you please share his email address brother?
  7. I hope so.
    Mr. Ralph is MP and his office responds proactively to your queries. His email is goodale@sasktel.net
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  8. What do you think @Wahegurujee @legalfalcon
  9. Have you been able to witness the updates in your profile since your biometrics for example background-check-related etc.? If yes, could you please specify the dates? just to figure out the visa office movement...

    as for the status you mentioned, you are on good track ahead of which is definitely a good news.
  10. Bro I’m also thinking of emailing to me. Good ale office before things mess up.
    U r an advocate right .. so ur n mine case must be more or less similar . Let’s see our NOC gets approved .

    Can u pls advice what important mentions are required in the email ?
  11. From day 1 the background check was we are processing and then around mid april it changed to background check not started and its like same even today. Rest is the same till now
  12. Yes almost identical. Yes do email him as soon as possible. Well i formally asked about the status of my file as to visa office, criminality, security and eligibility. I kept the email short and precise.

    I hope we all get the mail pretty soon
  13. Ok I’m doing it right away!!
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  14. hi friends,

    My wife and me together have a CRS score of 470.
    I am the lead applicant. We got our ITA a week after applying.
    AOR was 5th of Jan 2019.
    Medicals were updated on the system as on 11th March 2019.
    Our last day was supposed to be the 5th of July .. which has long passed.
    Our application is now in the 20% which takes longer than average.
    Had applied for GCMS notes but they realized I don't live in Canada so now I have to nominated a person I know in Canada who will receive the GCMS notes on my behalf.
    While I have managed to do all of that, will be sending my revert to the ATIP team today.

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    was easy to ignore the progress right up till the 4th month. After which we started planning life and work here.
    Never had any idea the application could take longer then 6 months ! Our process consultant never told us .. !
  15. Done,
    I asked criminality eligibility security .
    Let’s see .. it’s better than notes if a reply comes
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