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IT Professional (Systems Analyst) - FSW 2013

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by canada_bujji, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. I'm IT professional (Systems Analyst) and I understand that by May 4 FSW will be open for 2013. Should my profession listed in NOC for me to qualify for applying under FSW?
  2. Under the current outline, one need only have 1 year's continuous experience in ANY type 0, A or B noc, and most IT professional jobs are type A.

    You will also need language scores equivalent to CLB 7.0 (IELTS 6.0) in every category, and must score 67 points total.

    Check out the news release here and other related CIC pages for details:

  3. But to qualify for even a counselling/advising program you need CLB 8.0
    funny !!!
  4. However, given that in under 18 months, IT related professions went from LMO exempt status to not being on the last list of "in Demand" professions they are very unlikely to appear on the 2013 list
  5. Jgk .. What does that mean ..? are you saying there is a chance 'systems analyst' positions may not be in the approved professions list for filing on May 4th, 2013 ..?
  6. A new list of priority occupation for May FSW will be out in April. Not to be a downer but I would be surprised if IT-related occupations appeared in the list because they really aren't in demand in Canada.
  7. I agree with namaste.
  8. Hye Cappuccino!

    Can you please expand on what is type 0, A or B noc?? and whats their significance? and How we will know if our occupation is under which type 0,A or B
  9. I understand a new list is not out yet .. but how can you imply that IT related fields would not be included in the approved list .. that doesn't sound kosher .. do you guys realize the implications of suggesting IT fields would be left out ..? There is actually a very high demand in Canada for IT professionals .. believe it or not .. the jobs are out there .. what I've seen is that the methods of hiring and avenues available to Canadian employers are not enforced as much as the USA for instance ..
    But if you look .. you will definitely find an employer who needs your skills ..

    A lot of Indians and others applying are IT professionals .. are you saying they will all the left out because their fields will be de-listed ..?

    Besides, 'systems analyst' is a general group that is used to classify a large number of different IT professions clustered together and labeled as such.. for the sake of immigration ..to say it is may not be 'needed' any more, implies Canada at this point in time pretty much doesn't need ANY computer people ..which is very hard to believe ..especially when harper and his boys are constantly and recently looking to India for IT resources and better ties ..

    Sorry .. but that just doesn't make sense ...
  10. There were no IT NOCs on the last FSW list. The closest thing was NOC 1122 (Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management). For this reason it's certainly possible there will be no IT NOCs on the list again.

    We'll have to wait until the official announcement from CIC to find out.

    If there are no IT NOCs on the new list, this doesn't mean that Canada doesn't want/need IT people. It will just mean that Canada wants these individuals to have job offers to qualify to immigrate.
  11. My statement is my guess based on the previous and current situation, not a definitive statement.
    Just because IT professionals from India are being sought for does not mean that there is an overall shortage of IT professionals in Canada. There are a lot of reasons why canadian employers would want to hire non-canadian IT professionals as opposed to canadian citizen or a PR. But, that's an entirely different issue.

    A simple fact is that the kinds of professionals Canada wants to invite through FSW are reflected in their priority list. AND, IT or computer professionals have not been in that list since 2010. So, unless canada is now facing some major drop in such professionals, any change now is unlikely.

    "you will definitely find an employer who needs your skills". If you could find an employer who is willing to offer you a permanent position then the occupation list will not matter anyways. Otherwise, your statement is true mostly only for people that are already in Canada.

    You say "to say it is may not be 'needed' any more, implies Canada at this point in time pretty much doesn't need ANY computer people" . I disagree. It simply means that they don't need to bring in IT professionals through FSW program to fulfill their demands, which has been true for the past 3 years.

    No hard feelings or anything. I am just stating the current situation the way it is. It is good to hope but false sense of expectation is not. I would be happier than anybody else if these professions were in the list since that's my field too. But, I know better to look at the issue objectively and keep my expectation where it belongs.

  12. Good summary namaste. I agree with you.
  13. Everything you need to know about NOC classification is in this link:


    Basically, NOC O, A, or B are the skilled occupations. For specific information for your particular occupation you can read the tutorial and find out.


  14. Ok ..so there is still a way to file then on May 4th .. that's what I wanted to find out .. and I've put this question just now on another thread where you are also active ..
    If you are already working in IT in Canada .. as a systems analyst, on a 3 year temp work permit .. would you be eligible to apply on May 4th ..regardless of what the god forsaken list will say ..?
  15. You can apply now if you have a job / job offer in Canada. No need to wait until May 4th.


    Your job must meet the following criteria:


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