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Is there anyone applied from Vietnam (SDS Online)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ntnhoang_cs, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hello guys, I have been waiting for my visa for 24 days under SDS and still counting. After my biometric enrollment July 23rd. There is no update at all.
  2. I also gave my biometrics on 23rd July, but in Hyderabad, India. I first called the Hyderabad biometrics collection center to ask if they sent the biometrics (my application portal said Canadian authorities were still waiting for my biometrics) and they stipulated they sent it to Bengaluru, India. I sent a webform enquiry to Bengaluru and in two days they replied that the file is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and told me to contact the Edmonton office with the subject line as 'urgent' through email- but there is no way to contact Edmonton through email! The only way to contact them from outside Canada is through web form (which I sent again to Canada yesterday). I'm thinking of asking my aunt living in Canada to contact them.

    Honestly, it's nerve-wracking. Which university are you going to? And is it for Post-graduate studies or Undergraduate studies?
  3. Me too, they said that my file is at CPC Edmonton. There’s no way to contact them outside canada. Yesterday, I got an update that I passed medical exam. I am a master’s student at UAlberta. And you?
  4. I'm going for undergraduate studies; the University of British Columbia. I couldn't contact my aunt in Canada because her workplace bars her from phone usage. So instead, I asked a friend in Toronto to call; the line was too busy :(


    I can't believe there are people who have been waiting for 40+ days even if they applied in May or June. I presumed the delay was because I applied in the peak time or something (Late July), but apparently not.

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