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Is it possible to visit Canada on new passport ????plz plz help

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Engineer80, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Hi experts,

    I have visit visa for Canada . when I have applied this visa on passport which was not updated for marital status because I was divorced in that time , i could not manage time to update my passport in the time application. I applied this visa on married one passport even i provided my divorced certificate and filled my divorced status in the application. But i got visa stamped on it with married one passport.

    Now i want to update my passport to visit Canada. I have a few question :

    01) Can I visit Canada if i update my passport in term of marital status ( from married to divorced) ?
    02) I asked the same thing from Canadian embassy but they replied by following red highlighted email. I could not get 100% . my English is not good. Could you guys explain it in simple way ?


    Dear Client,

    Thank you for your correspondence regarding change in your marital status.

    Please be advised that your name and date of birth as they appear on your visa have not been changed and you have already declared about the change in your marital status while obtaining the Canadian Visa; therefore you may continue to travel with the visa you have on your passport XXXXXXX.
  2. Simplest way: “Yes”
  3. what is meaning of canadian embassy email ?
  4. Your new marital status is on record. You can continue to use this visa.
  5. means i can use visa on old passport with new passport ? right what they and you mean?
  6. YES that’s what it means.

    I already said “yes” in my first reply.
  7. but they did not mention for new passport which I will update it soon.....
  8. Embassy already confirmed Yes go ahead

    Have safe trip

  9. i means no word for new passport related ...its really confusing for me in english...

    this was following my email for canadian embassy:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Name is xxxxxxx .I would like to ask about my Multiple visit visa of Canada.

    As I want to update my passport in terms of marital status (from married to divorced status) before travel to Canada.

    I Have got Multiple visit visa of Canada. But when I applied for visit visa ,my marital status was divorced ( divorced certificate also submitted during my visa application) but my passport was at married status because that time my passport was valid till two years. So passport had no need to renew.Now i would like to update my passport.

    Therefore,I would like to ask that, is my Multiple visit visa of Canada is valid If I update my passport in terms of Marital Status?

    Can I travel to Canada on same issued visa after updating my passport.

    Looking forward to hear response.
  10. Travel with both passports + a copy of your divorce decree (just in case you're asked)
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