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Is it possible to get DM/PPR email, if your file passed all the requirements, in late November/Dec?


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Oct 23, 2019
Knowing that my current status in Ecas is "In process", but I passed everything (medical exam, security check, CSQ) ... and i applied as refugee from outside Canada (App received: Dec, 2016), exceeded the processing time, Visa office is Abu-Dhabi

Is it possible that CIC makes a final decision for my file and send PPR email in late November/December 2019?
Because I heard that in these months there will be "holidays season", thus DM/PPR will be deferred till the beginning of 2020!

And in case if anyone got, or knew a similar case that got, the DM/PPR email during late Nov/Dec, please tell me
I have many troubles in current country of residency, ITS URGENT