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Is it legal to do two full time jobs in Canada with two different employers?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by itsmesaini, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Hi I had questions about full time working hours policy for immigrants. If someone have two jobs but without overlapping of hours then is it legal to work 80 or more hours per week???
    Like 42 hours in last three days of week and 40 on remaining days. :) :-[ :-[ :eek: 8)
  2. You can work as many hours as you want to.
  3. Is there any government website link for this question that can clarify it
    Please let me know if you know
  4. Not that I know of.

    BTW: I assumed you were a PR when I answered. If you're not a PR - you should say so.
  5. These are the general guidelines but does not say anything about multiple employers http://www.esdc.gc.ca/en/reports/labour_standards/hours_work.page

    If using the hours as a qualification for anything then doubling up on hours will not make any difference or accelerate any application for anything but if you are PR or citizen already then not relevant.
  6. You can work as many hours as you'd like although I am sure it is not very healthy for anybody to work 80 hrs. a week in the long run.

    Also if the employers know about each other, one of them may feel that you are too tired to perform well at work or unhappy with you refusing overtime due to your other job and in that case he could make you choose.
  7. Can anyone help me here!
    I am now one year in Canada work as caregiver and my current employer ask me to find another job and my work permit expire soon and I got a job through an agency and the new employer apply for new LAMIA to hire Caregiver for her husband chronic illness but he passes away before the LAMIA issued, is there any possibility that she can still hire for the care services that she wanted? And one thing more, she very dominant person, she cannot give day off. Can I change or apply for another job or shall I wait for the LAMIA?
    Please help.
  8. If her husband who has a chronic illness has passed away, what care services does she want to hire you for? Does she also need care? If she does, she can apply for an LMIA based on that.

    You can not change jobs until you have a new LMIA and a new work permit. If your permit is about to expire and you still don't have an LMIA and a new permit, you would need to apply to change your status to visitor if you want to stay in Canada. You have to do that before your work permit expires. After your work permit expires, you can no longer work. If you fail to apply to change to visitor status before your permit expires, you can apply for restoration of status for up to 3 months after but then it gets more expensive.
  9. I want to know about full time work on post graduation work permit. Can I work 80 hours a week with two different employers. Is it affect my permanent residency application.i am working as a supervisor with one employee and with other employee I am working as general labour. Is it ok or any problems.
  10. Yes - you can do that. It's perfectly legal.
  11. I also want to apply for my husband open work permit.so it affect his application or not.He got his work permit on my basis.
  12. You can work 24 hours a day on a PGWP if you want, but not advisable!
  13. Also keep in mind the tax brackets. Make sure to estimate your tax owing after combining both jobs. You don't want to work an extra 40 hours per week just to have most of the additional income remitted back to the CRA.

    You can claim the basic personal amount only with one employer so you will need to notify the second employer not to claim it when filling your TD1 form, and you must click the box "More than one employer or payer at the same time" at the back on the TD1 form. Therefore, your second employer would know that you have a different job elsewhere.
  14. What you gonna do with all the money in the bank when you end up in hospital.
    Prevention is better than cure.Health is wealth.
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  15. For PR application I need to work 30hrs/week fulltime for 12 months which is 1540 hours. But what if I work for 40 hours/week. And also work a second job as a part time. Will that mean I dont have to work for 12 months? Do I just need to fulfill the 1540 hours with only 1 job?

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