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INVITATION - 2012 China International Immigration Expo


Mar 21, 2012
2012 China International Immigration Expo (INTERIMMI)

INTERIMMI – the ONE and ONLY immigration expo in China will be held during May 19-21, 2012 in Tianjin which is one of the largest seaport cities, with a population of 23 million. It takes 28 minutes high speed rail ride from Beijing, and is accessible from all major airports. INTERIMMI brings together all the options in one place for a generation who is planning to start an international career; improve their lifestyle; find a job abroad; escape from everyday life; live their life overseas; set up their own business; discover the world through study abroad, work and business opportunities.
Exhibitions and free presentations from experts in a variety of related fields provide visitors and fellow exhibitors with a copious amount of resources - plus a wealth of free materials - about all aspects of emigrant life worldwide. Every year more than 100 thousand Chinese stay abroad seeking for new life every year, if you are considering to begin your new life in another world such as Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, America, Singapore or somewhere else around the world in search of a new life abroad. The event is now accepting international exhibitors that offer immigration services, professional services, educational opportunities and investment projects. US EB-5 regional centers, real estate brokers, law firms and colleges are welcome to participate in the exhibition. With over 20,000 expected attendants, the three day expo is set to introduce the global exhibitors to a host of potential clients and customers from one of world's largest emigration markets, China.
As INTERIMMI partner MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) will assist Australia companies to participate INTERIMMI, and MIA Members which want to participate the show will receive 10% discount.

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