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Intra Company Transfer Processing Time

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by niswe, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Can you tell me what is the total expenses ( lawyer's fee, application fee, etc..)My Employer asked me in order to start the process.( links/url/sources will be more helpful). and what documents needed to prove the Specialized knowledge category

  2. Hi ,
    Could you please let me know how much time it took for your visa approval. My ICT WP was applied on Jan 4 2019 ( paper application from India ) Just to have an understanding of the timelines for ICT. Appreciate your response.. thanks
  3. did you get the approval. If so can you let me know the processing time
  4. Hi, does anyone have recent ICT processing times to share? We applied three weeks ago, for UK it currently says two weeks processing time but we've not heard anything back yet.
  5. Hi all, i am on ict wp from July 2017 and it's going to expire by April 2019. My firm is going for an extension. What are the timelines to get and extended wp and trv. I am planning to travel as soon as i get trv extended.

    Also is it advisable to travel out and into Canada with only one month left in the trv or should I wait till i get an extension

    Thanks in advance :)
  6. Dear All - can someone share ICT processing time from India? I submitted my application on Jan 16th, and i was told that processing time is 4 to 5 weeks.
  7. Hello everyone..
    anyone heard of an instance where an ICT application processing time crossed 11 weeks???if so what can be done in such scenario. Also, is it true that an ICT application processing time is faster than an LMIA Approved application... any information is greatly appreciated.. TIA
  8. Hi , can you share your status -did you get your approval?
  9. My ICT application is at seven weeks now without a reply, despite being eligible for two-week processing.
  10. Can someone please guide, if a company in Dubai has started a start-up and applying for ICT what is the process. Where to start?
  11. Job offer points

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum and want to update my knowledge regarding Express Entry process.

    I have a valid WP-ICT (LMIA exempted )valid from nov 2018-nov 2020. I have some queries that are listed below:-
    1. Can I get points for job offer in express entry program for my WP-ICT?
    2. Can I apply under any Ontario pnp program that could provide me advantage for my WP-ICT?
  12. You will only get job offer points under EE once you have worked in this job for one full year.
  13. Hi All, I am completing 5 years in year in my current ICT visa in specialized field. My company is ready to promote me in Managerial position. My question is to forum, is it possible to apply for amendment and extension for the visa change to get the extension for 2 more years (7 years).
  14. I have no idea if that is possible. However, did you not applied for PR? With 4 years of work experience in Canada, you might get good points and will qualify under CEC. You might already knew this but thought of posting in case you haven't thought about it.
  15. Hi All,

    i have reapplied for ICT as in the previous they refused to give visa and we have applied again after getting officer notes (Lawyer has put the less salary and now we have revised the salary)

    on June 7 lawyer has submitted my application and they said processing time is 5 weeks.

    its been more than 5 weeks but not any update, kindly help if someone know what to do next or thought/Suggestion. thx

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