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Intra Company Transfer from USA to Canada : Dependent open work permit


Nov 12, 2019
I got ICT canada visa (processing time 3 weeks from India).
My wife and kid also applied along with me and they also got visa.
My confusion is on my Wife's and Kids's visa category.
They got multiple entry 10 years and 5 years visitor visa respectively.
My work visa validity is for 3 years.
Since they got visitor visa so I am wondering if :
1) they can stay with me for 3 years on their visitor visa? Because on visitor visa one can stay for maximum 6 month at a time.
3) will my kid get admission in school ?
4) will they get medical facilities from government ?

OR do i need to apply for change of visa?
OR will they get OWP and study permit at port of entry?

Please let me know your thoughts.
Thanking in anticipation!!