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Internationally Educated Nurses

Discussion in 'International Students' started by April_11, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Hi. Can anyone here help me? :(

    - Nurse from Philippines June 2018
    - No hospi experience, just a 4month volunteer certification from a disaster risk n mgt council in Philippines
    - Applied for a student permit in Ontario, Accepted and paid tuition fee in full (therefore cannot shift to another course)
    - visa is in process
    - 1st Course to take : PSW (coz I wanted to go to canada in April and that's what the agency I've hired told me that was available in that certain schedule, my mistake)
    - 2nd course to take: Pathway to Practical Nursing

    Where to after? :( What do I do inorder for me to be a Registered Nurse in
    Ontario given my future courses to take and no hospi experience at all, and PR. would come after the Practical nursing? :( I have no direction obviously. Need help badly.
  2. What course did you applied??
  3. What course did u applied ? Don't worry u will be get pr. After 3 in canada

  4. I got applied in PSW for a year :( but I'll have to renew my student permit there afterwards for the Practical Nursing course... all in all, my studies alone will last 3 years. Can I apply for PR already after or should I still work first and go through the Provincial nominee program? :((
  5. Approved na po visa mo boss? Kung bachelors ang requirement dun sa 1yr program mo po, after mo matapos ay apply ka na ng PGWP. Tapos po apply ka na ng work. Pag may job offer ka na, pwede ka na po mag apply agad ng international student job offer pnp stream ng Ontario.
  6. Hello po. Prinoprocess pa po ang Visa ko sa Embassy... and yun na nga po... Kaya ako magtetake up ng practical nursing kasi Aside from pathway sya papunta sa RN status, kasali po sya sa Skilled occupation category B therefore pwede mag apply sa Employer job offer: International student stream. (NOC O, A, B lang daw pwede)
    Unfortunately kasi, ang PSW ay considered as Category C (semi skilled) kaya hindi po sya pasok sa immigration program in Ontario. :( Hay. Kaloka.
  7. kabayan may pm ako sayo:)

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