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Discussion in 'Education' started by pkkalras, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Dear All,
    I was a teacher and then Principal of a School in India. I got my visa after a lot of struggle as a Teacher. Now I am a successful teacher in Canada, BC. The process is altogether identical in all states of Canada. I struggled a lot to find out how to get my certification here and what would be better for me to start my career.
    The procedure of getting your teaching degree upgraded is very simple, but no one guides properly. I had to scuffle everyday to achieve this position. I want all fellow teachers to be guided properly. You can visit these websites and feel free to ask questions if you have any doubts. There are two options, however, getting Independent school certification is a bit short and easy process. You can find a good job and earn around $ 3500 right in the beginning.
    First of all you should get your education credential evaluation from a credential evaluation Organization, which is different in every province, whereas it has comparable results everywhere.
    Please do not forget to bring your education transcripts from India or any other country. Transcript of Bachelor and Master degree whatever you have, along with Bachelor of education degree too. Afterwards you can undergo the process as under:

    If you have any question, feel free to contact me and post your queries.
    Thanks and good luck.
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  2. Sir, pls guide me about the job opportunities of biology teacher in Ontario. We r planning to shift there in Feb. My qualification is M. SC, Bed, mphill(botany). I have 4years teaching experience of college n three years of school. Is there any chance to get job in colleges or school. What should I do after landing there to get a job soon.
  3. Ontario has far more teachers than teaching jobs. You should expect it will be quite difficult to find a job as a teacher.

    Note that you will not be able to teach at the high school or primary school level until you go through the process of having your credentials recognized by Ontario: https://www.oct.ca/becoming-a-teacher/internationally-educated-teachers
  4. you will have to start with supportive jobs and upgrading takes a lot of time. So, be ready to look for other jobs however you can find customer service jobs.
  5. I read your story and you got what you deserve at the end.
    I need one help.
    One of my friend wife is done her B.A, M.A, B.ED. She is arts student and done in Gujarati subject. She is currently doing LLB. She also did job for 1 year as a teacher in primary school. If you are from India then you will easily get all these sort form.
    So I want to know what are the chances for her to get job in school?
    Can you tell me more about which course should be better or any other certificate to get teacher job?
    Thankx in advance.
  6. Did you read the advise given by Scylla above??
  7. The best way to get easy and quick teaching job in Canada is to get Independent School Teacher Certification.
  8. There is nothing quick and easy to get this certification.. too much supply and not enough demand.
  9. Ok then tell me what should do? If you have better option then please share.
    We are not here to do labourer job for life time.
    Please share your idea if you have.
  10. Thanks for your information.
  11. Hai I finished my M. Sc and B,. Ed in Mathematics in India and I worked as a maths teacher for grade 10 for 8 years. Now I'm living in North Vancouver for 7 months. I had open workpermit and I'm searching for job. I applied in WES for my transcripts and my evaluation will complete this month. What can I do next to get a teacher job here. Please help me.. I don't know anyone here.
  12. Have you gone through the certification process to be allowed to each at the primary and secondary school level in Canada? If not, then you are not entitled to teach at this time. You have to become certified before you can take on a teaching role. WES is not enough - you have to go through the full process below.

  13. You may have to go back to school to teach in BC. Would see what the job market is like for teachers before going back to school because in general their is a surplus of teachers.

  14. Bonjour monsieur. Merci beaucoup pour ces clarifications très utiles. Je suis en dernière année de formation à l'ENS Dr Porto-Novo. Je fait la philosophie et je désire enseigner au Canada. Comment procéder ?

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