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Interim Driver's License due to 'non busy' residency (BC)


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Sep 18, 2017

Was issued a full driving license of 2 years validity in BC. It was about to expire so I went to ICBC to have it renewed. Because I was not regularly present in BC (been out of province for a while and I've been driving while abroad too with a second driving license which I declared), I was issued only an interim license valid for 60 days.
I will receive a letter from residency office that I will need to proof to them that I am busy resident of BC and I will have to do this every 2 months and this can be repeated 3 or 4 times.
Yet the renewed license is a 5 year period full license, I had to pay the fees for the renewal (about 75 CAD), it is just that I wont get the plastic card form and have to renew each 2 month the paper document at ICBC. So I was told it is a long process to get back a plastic card license.

- Is this 'normal'? anyone has experience with this process?
- If I move now, means next week to Toronto, can I exchange the BC 60-day interim license for an Ontario one, based on the paper document I was handed over?

Thanks for any insight