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Information about Commuter Student Visa in the USA for Canadian Nationals - F3 visa


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Dec 11, 2016

I am an Indian citizen with Permanent Residence in Canada. I used to live in Detroit, MI with my husband. We are on TN and TD visas respectively. I am also a part time student at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. I am currently taking Bachelor/ Undergrad level courses to become eligible to apply for my Master's Program in Computer Science. I will be done with these pre-requisite courses this Summer term, and I already got accepted to the University of Michigan Dearborn for Fall 2019 under the TD Visa. Before the TN and TD visas, we were on E2 visas, but had to change them due to a change in my husband's employment. But almost immediately after I was issued the TD Visa, I secured a job in Windsor, Ontario, so I moved to Windsor. After that, I crossed the land border by the bridge a few times to Michigan, to meet friends, go on trips, and also to write exams at the University (I am an online student so I attend my classes online and take tests in the University). But when I recently crossed the border with my husband, I was asked to go for a secondary inspection, and was told that TD Visas are only for spouses of TN Visa holders that live in the United States, and if I wish to continue my part time education after this term in the US, I must apply for a commuter student visa.

This was the first time I had ever heard of it. I have hardly found any information on it so far. Some websites say that it's the commuter student visa for Canadian and Mexican residents, but some say that it is the commuter student visa for Canadian and Mexican nationals/ citizens only. Does anyone here have any light to shed on this matter at all? Does this visa have to go through the same process as the F-1 visa? I really wanted to start my course this Fall term, but it looks like I have to go through a whole visa interview process with I-20 if that's the case here.

Any information anyone can provide here will be of great help!

Thank you!!!