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Indian Passport Renewal at BLS Surrey/CGI Vancouver 2019

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by saskdesi, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently applied for Indian passport renewal through postal application to BLS surrey.
    Date application submitted: September 17 th though postal service
    Date BLS received application : September 18th

    While tracking application ,
    Application status: Processing at Consulate General

    ****In comment section : It is mentioned as follows:
    Plz provide proof of address for the Indian address mentioned in the application form. ***

    I had already submitted notarized proof of Indian address with my application , but still the comment is on my application status . When I called BLS , they said it should be fine . But I just wanted to know that if anyone here on the forum has had any experiences with Passport renewal.

    Thanks !
  2. If bls says, it should be fine. Did you point out that specific comment to bls?
  3. Yes , I did mention the comment on the call to the agent.
    The call was as follows:
    Me: I have the comment on my application status: Plz provide proof of address for the Indian address mentioned in the application form.
    BLS agent:Have you changed your indian address to be printed.
    Me: Yes i have changed my Indian address and I provided notarized copy of Aadhar card with the exact address I have filled out on the form.
    BLS agent : So if you have provided the proof of address , everything should be fine.
    Me: So why is there a comment still on my application status if everything is fine,
    BLS agent : It should be fine and the process will take 2-3 weeks from now or more.

    So I guess it will be fine but I still have concerns about the comment.
  4. Should be fine, bls know what they are doing
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  5. Alright , I'll wait patiently then. Thanks for your reply.

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