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Implied Status, waiting on PNP approval letter

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jjinpark9211, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Hi.
    I just submitted my PNP application this week.
    However, my visa is going to expire soon next month, on March 20th 2017
    I'm holding Working holiday visa until then, however in order to keep my position at the work place, i need to extend my work permit before its expire to make implied status.
    Actually, I can kind of push my employer to fill employment standard and pay $230 dollars.
    However i just double checked all the documents i need for work permit extension

    following below :
    * IMM5710
    * passport
    * digital photo
    * fee $155
    * offer of employment ( I believe that this is like employer standard / employer portal)
    * approval letter from Nominee

    Actually i can submit all the documents except for the approval letter from Nominee because i'm still waiting for it.
    Should i apply for work permit extension with the documents that i can submit for now and pay the fees?
    whether refused or not, i would like to apply in order to stay as an implied status after my original visa expires.

    Do u think i can submit explanation letter that i'm still waiting on the approval letter from Nominee and say i will submit that document once i received it?
    Luckily, if i received the approval letter afterward, I might submit afterwards.

    Please Help me out!!!! :(
  2. You won't be able to submit application online without mandatory documents and therefore I assume you will apply in paper. CIC will return the package after they will find out that your application is not complete. Do you think you will be nominated by that time ?
  3. Actuallt im not even sure.
    When i talk to my boss about it.
    He already knows that my visa is going to expire by then,
    I asekd him what if my visa is over in a mean time im waiting for approval letter. He said, we are going to make sure everything has to be happen before then.
    I think it's impossible but i think he is going to explain the situation and push the nominee officers to make things go bit smoother. However, i have to see. Is it possible for me to send theougb mail. Actually i was thinking about submitting through mail. Hen when should i submit my application then? Is it possible to try out with mail then? Would that work?
  4. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/temp/visa/validity/implied.asp
  5. Im having hard time to find an information about the documents list that i need in order to apply for work permit through mail. Can u help me finding it! Pls
  6. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5556E.pdf
  7. Am I in the same situation could you tell me how you did?

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