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Immigration questions asked

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rupa Dantuluri, Sep 21, 2019.

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    hi ,

    I have applied through express entry . but i got offer in Montreal.
    I plan to take flight from home country to montreal via toronto .

    In toronto -> i plan to do my PR application at port of entry immigration .

    Query - >At toronto , will immigration officer ask why you are travelling to montreal ? What to reply to them .
    Should i tell i have job offer or some other reason .

    At montreal , will anyone asked why you are not staying in toronto ?

    How much layer over time i should plan between toronto & montreal ?
  2. To land and declare PR etc. In Toronto. Once you get to the fro t of the line in secondary screening, the process of declaring PR and goods to follow takes maybe an additional 25 minutes. BUT the problem is knowing how many in the line in front of you, as TO is a very busy airport, you can assume quite a few. Safest to plan on at least a 4 or 5 hour gap between flight. Given you are already coming a long way to TO, you will be destroyed with jet lag, so probably better to stay at a TO airport hotel and get a flight next day to Montreal.
  3. True . But my issue is luggage limit .

    International limit is more , and if I take domestic next day - I might end up paying more for crossing over the domestic luggage limit. Hence was planning to go directly to Montreal ( via toronto ) .
  4. When you applied through EE, you declared that you do not plan to live in Quebec. CBSA could very well refuse your landing because you are moving to Montreal.
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