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Immigration Fraud at work

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Shantuk2, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. I got hired at my company as a TSR which is considered NOC B level job , they gave me the contract when i got hired.After completing my 1 year of work at job i go and ask them for a job letter as i wanted it for my immigration , they tell the position was CSR. That is straight fraud, any suggestions ? As I cannot apply for Express entry now because they need NOC B job
  2. Maybe consult a lawyer but would say your chances are slim of changing anything especially given you have been working there a year it maybe should have been obvious what your actual job responsibilities were. For sure you cannot call this immigration fraud as the company has no responsibility for your immigration plans.
  3. There are lot of things in my department that is technical, including customer service so at the moment I thought maybe because of technical stuff involved it comes under TSR, but yeah i guess I need a lawyer , but no doubt that's fraud for sure because contract I signed had TSR responsibilities on it which are totally different
  4. Also 1 other guy applied from same department and they gave him TSR job letter and he is PR now

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