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Immigration Consultant in Malaysia

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by menonp1979, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Any Immigration consultant available in Malaysia? Need help in understanding the entire process of getting Canadian PR.

  2. Most of them are horrible, post your queries in this forum and go through earlier threads to gain more info
    Send a PM for more info
  3. 99.99% immigration consultants just make money... if you can read and understand English just read out from cic.gc.ca thats the best source
  4. Dear Mohtasim, Can yoy please answer my question? I am really worried

    I have recently received my student visa as an international student and my visa is under the process of attachment in my passport. My admission letter (4-year- study, undergraduate course) is for Winter 2019 however I have decided to change my university so that I will get admitted to the new school for Fall 2019 and meanwhile I am not going to travel to Canada until Fall 2019. Can I still change my DLI number while I have not entered Canada yet? And if so, will get the Study Permit easily without any problem?
  5. Dear Mehran: I am not 100% sure but as per my friends experience it would be great if you just travel to Canada and then change your university but remember that you need to negotiate your terms and conditions for the study from zero. In these cases generally universities make money by giving you extra courses or language classes. If you do change at this stage you may lose one of the year on the visa or the other University will give you hard time if you are not in Canada. please keep searching for advice from others too.
  6. Thanks for your response
  7. @menonp1979 PM me and I'll provide some contacts. Some immigration concultant who's former Malaysian based in Toronto. However, he does have a presence in Subang.
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  8. Thank you.
  10. I think the best and only option which is available in Kuala Lumpur area is BP Management sdn bhd . they are most genuine and professional people with vast experience in each field of Canadian immigration and visa process.
    there website is: www.gocanada.biz

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