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Immigration Complication - OINP/Marriage/ITA

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by prit25, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Hi All

    Here is a brief background of me.

    I am currently on H1B visa in US and I had created my EE profile in May 2019. My CRS score is 435 and I received NOI from Ontario on Aug 1 and today I received a nomination letter from Ontario. Please note the 435 was the cutOff criteria for NOI for Ontario for Aug 1 round of draws. I have to accept/decline this nomination by Nov30 which would make my overall total score 1035 effectively guaranteeing an ITA.

    My fiance is in India and we are going to get married in Dec 8 2019.

    My questions are :-
    1. My worry is, is there any situation where I include my wife as part of my application and that makes my points fall below 435 and effectively making me ineligible for Ontario nomination ?
    2. What is the most ideal time to include my wife in the application ? Would it be after I receive my ITA(I've read this triggers a recalculation of CRS, would they use 1035 as the basis or 435 as the basis for recalculation at that point) OR after I file e-APR and receive an acknowledgement (this does not trigger a recalculation).
    3. Can we get the medical and PCC for my wife from India ? Are there any other documents that are needed when we include her in the application, whether its post ITA or post e-APR stage ?

    Please help me with above queries. Your feedback is very welcome.

  2. Hello experts,

    Please help me with this, I am very confused. Thanks
  3. Post your questions to the PNP section of the forum.

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