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Immigrate as a self-employed person - Graphic and Creative Designer


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Dec 17, 2016
London, UK
Hi All,

This is a very good forum for people like me who don't find sufficient information on the CIC site.

A brief overview of me,
I am from Pakistan and based in London working as a self-employed person for the past 3 years in a generic Creative and Graphic Design business. I meet all the requirements of this visa category and I can get 35 points easily,

1. I have been working as a self-employed person for the last 3 years at a world-class level. (25 pts)
2. My IELTS score is 7.0. (16 pts)
3. Age is 30. (10 pts)
4. My uncle lives in Ontario. (5 pts)
Total points: 56 pts

The confusion I have is regarding point 1. Does a generic graphics and creative design business is considered as part of cultural activity?