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IMM 5713 vs. IMM 5476

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Chyna, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hi! I created a MyCIC account under my father's name as he will be the principal applicant. I am a PR and is currently applying TRV for both my mom and dad online. After answering all questions it generated required documents. I see - Use of a Family Member Representative for Online Applications (IMM5713) and Use of Representative (IMM5476). ***As per IMM5713 -the form is for FAMILY MEMBERS WHO WISH TO APPLY ONLINE TOGETHER in ONE MYCIC submission. To do so, all members must complete this form (one per family) to appoint the family member whose MYCIC ACCOUNT WILL BE USED to submit the applications. Under section A shows Family Member Representative***. ---It gets a little confusing, because first - I am not using my MYCIC account. Second - it appears as if this should be filled out by my father but he's not the representative either. Please help clarify this! Thanks!
  2. IMM5713 is required since your Dad and Mom's applications go together. The account is under your Dad, so he needs to represent your Mom as he is the primary applicant.

    Refer to these threads

  3. Thank you kat3onah! So to verify, I need to fill out both forms. 5713 -in which the representative is my dad because it is his account and 5476- to suggests that I am representing them both? Thanks again!
  4. No! Read https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/confused-between-2-different-representative-forms.570282/

    According to Bryanna "If you are the authorized representative for both your parents, they must not submit IMM 5713. They would only submit IMM 5476"

  5. Thanks for replying back. So what do we do with the other form 5713 then? I don't think you can leave it blank. They were both auto generated for online applications, hence, why it gets confusing.

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