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IMM 5562- Supplementary information- your travels

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by citrus255, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. heya everyone, i've got another question....

    I am a canadian citizen sponsoring my bF a UK citizen , as a common law partner.

    form IMM 5562- Supplementary information (immigrants forms),questions 2.a asked for travel during the last ten years.

    question 2 b then asks for travel of your common law partner or spouse: do they mean me (as the sponsor) or do they mean the information of the accompaning common law partner and family members ( if applicable) to the main applicant.

    I asked CIC and they said it was me as the sponsor. but it doesn't really make since- I mean if it was me , shouldn't this be in my set of forms. I think the lady I spoke to might be wrong.

    Can any one clarify. thanks for your help!!!!!!!
  2. First off, is your processing office Paris? Because only people applying through Paris need to fill that out. From what I understand, you're applying in London, so you don't need it.

    For anyone who IS applying through Paris.... I don't see what the confusion is.
    The form is filled out by the principal applicant, in this case your boyfriend. He needs to write down his common-law partner's travels - his common-law partner is you. So he would need to write down your (the sponsor's) information, yes.

    This form is only filled out by the applicant, the sponsor doesn't have one. That's why the information has to be put on it.
  3. On another note, I hope you are aware that it is highly discouraged to use the term «BF» in your official correspondance with CIC - i.e. in application forms, a covering letter, etc. Though a technicality, it seems to matter with IOs.
  4. Please see the checklist in the region specific forms. Under number 13, you will see it clearly says:

    I applied through Vienna, using the same region specific forms (I'm from Slovenia), didn't need the form. Nor does anyone applying through London need the form.
  5. thankyou! i have double checked and it looks like we missed that slightly important piece of information about paris.

    great help!! and time saver.

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