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IMM 5406 Additional Family Information

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by yela, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. I am the principal applicant. It is not clear to me how my husband and my son (22 years old) should fill IMM 5406.
    1. Should my husband mention his mother's and father's names in section A and his brother's name in section C?
    2. Should my son mention his sister's name in section C and mother's (my) name and his father's name (my husband) in section A?

    Please, help me with this!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. You are right.This form is to be filled by each individual.Ur husband needs to mention his parents name and his kids name. Ur son needs to mention ur name and ur husbands name and also his sisters name.This is how I and my spouse filled the form.


  3. AP,
    Thank you very much for the prompt reply. It is clearer with my husband but still unclear if my son should mention us as parents in section A. It seems to me that if he fills section A in, it will cause confusion but I am not sure.
    Can you help me with this?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. The guidelines say that the principal applicant, his/her spouse, and every child who is at least 18 y/o should complete the additional family information form.
  5. There should be no confusion if he fills your names as parents. Is there something that is bothering you if he fills your names? Can you please explain the concern better so that I can respond and be more help.


  6. My hesitation was that when my son types his name in section B and then "goes back" to fill section A, it would cause confusion. But probably you are right. This form is about "additional family information", which means that they want to disclose the additional information about each person who fills it out. Especially, it is important for step-kids to disclose their parents.
    You are very helpfull!!! Thanks!
  7. Hi,
    I have the same confusion. Mainly how to fill section A for non-principal applicant.

  8. Sorry for the late reply.
    If you still need help, the answer is
    Each member of the family who should fill the paper is considered an applicant (It is only for this form. That is why all of us have the same confusion). Your husband/wife, son or daughter should mention his/her mother, father, brothers, sisters, children, etc.

    Is this helpful?
  10. Hi, I am confused about IMM 5406 again because we are asked to send the IMM 5406 again with proper guideline. So far i know it was write. The message from authority is that
    "Completed Additional Family Information (IMM 5406) for the sponsored person and each family member 18 years of age or over.Please note that IMM 5406 must be completed and signed by each family member 18 years of age or older whether they are accompanying or not accompanying your relative to Canada"

    We have no Children and In "Section A" I wrote my name and as well her and my parents. In "Section C" i wrote all my sisters and brothers name. But there is no place for them to put signature (May be i did wrong.). So what Shall i do? Please Help me.

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