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IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by One chance, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Being a fairly new IMG in Canada, just over a year, I am at crossroads on continuing in Canada or returning back to my homeland.
    How are IMGs surviving in Canada?
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  2. Everyone has their reasons for immigrating. Staying back or leaving depends on your personal circumstances and where you from from.
  3. Hello One Chance,

    Since you have already taken the plunge, the recommendation is to do whatever you can do till you complete the required 4 years for citizenship, after that you will still be at the same crossroads you are at today, by that time if you are doing well you may change your mind, otherwise you can leave in peace like many others have lift after completing the duration.
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  4. Immigration should be after getting proper jobs.
  5. Hi onechance

    So, it seems that u have immigrated to Canada without much research about what an IMG is required to further his career in Canada. I mean IMG has to pass stringent licensing exams before getting license to practise. And as the current scenario says, it is next to impossible for IMGs to get into clinical practice.

    However, since u are already there in Canada for about 1 year, I'd like to ask u what u have been doing during this time? I mean are u preparing for any exams ? or anything to try some different field ?
  6. Hi One Chance,

    Sorry to hear about your current situation.

    Can you provide some more details for why you are at this crossroads- what's the difficulty?

    What field/profession are you in?

    Having gotten through with EE last year May 2016, I decided to just do a 'soft landing' and return to my home country for a year. During this time, I have been working on gaining international certifications (AML/CFT certification, CIA etc.) to be able to gain a 'decent job' as I know my MBA (from my home country) most likely would not be enough.

    Also I have been going on indeed.ca website to see what are the in demand jobs to gauge my ability to get a work in my field (risk and compliance). Even so, I know the first year may be difficult but sometimes it takes a little longer for things to work out.

    Please provide some details about your current situation, your field etc. to see how we can aid in directing you if possible.
  7. I thank you for your replies.
    I knew of all the LMCC exam requirements even before coming to Canada. But since arriving here a year ago, and actually sitting for EE and QE1 within the past one year, I am discouraged. The exams are ridiculously difficult in my own view. It is a test of cramming ability and speed. It is is not an exam suited for a doctor who has had 10 years of work experience. What do you IMGs think of these exams? Or is it just me struggling to knack them?
    Even after passing them, how hopeful are you to be licensed in Canada?
    The Practice Ready Assessments are not easy to come by.
    I really want to know from other IMGs in Canada, who among you has succeeded or is on a definitive pathway to becoming a Canadian doctor. And what kind of jobs do you do in the meantime?

    I work as a health care aide. I never dreamed to be doing this kind of work and embarrassed to tell my folks about it.

    I got no truthful friends in Canada.. The Express Entry for skilled and professional workers is also not truthful. It did not state that the professional regulatory bodies do not actually want to integrate us. They seem to be deliberate bottlenecks. Hence, I am relying on this anonymous forum.
    IMGs please respond.
  8. Since u have already got experience of licensure exams becoming a doctor, I'll not go further in this topic.

    However, I'd like to suggest you should explore other ways to get employed based on your medical degree.
    If you still wish to continue your life & settle in Canada, you should really explore other ways.

    I mean to say, it is not necessary that if you have a medical degree, then you MUST work in practising medicine only.
    You surely also can get employed in other jobs based on your MBBS degree.

    There are few bridging programs in Canada offered by a few universities, which after 1 or 1.5 years course, would benefit you to integrate in Canadian job market.

    Explore your options for clinical research field. Your medical degree would be sufficient to get enrolled in these programs.
    Try on McMaster univ, Humber Univ, etc.

    Hope it helps..

    Hit the [GOOD] button if it helped you..
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  9. I cannot get a bridging program into Nursing -RN only because my transcript is older than 5 years. It does not matter that I have worked as a doctor for at least 10 years.
  10. Hey am also a img have been struggling n trying to decide wether to stay here or go back to my home country its so stressing cant even decide what to do
  11. Hi
    I'm an img as well. I've successfully passed Canadian and American licensing exams. Have yet to apply for the match in the states. Haven't applied for the match in Canada yet as I've noticed the match rate is really really low. This is something I did not know prior to moving, unfortunately.
    Any advice on where to look for jobs would be great. I've looked into US and EKG tech courses. They're really expensive
  12. Im also IMG and moving to Toronto this April.
    Seniors here who have been in Canada more than 2 years can share your experience so far in terms of your current professions apart from taking licensure exams ?
    Im not pursuing licensing exams but rather changing my career into other health-related profession such as nursing or CRA.

    Any advice here is much appreciated!
  13. Hi mates,let me share my experience here.I am a veteran and was very optimistic before moving here rather was excited.I am from Pakistan and much of my experience was in Saudi Arabia.Having a Pakistani passport and discriminating Arabs did force me to immigrate. Trust me the nurses in Saudia are drawing more salaries than we Pakistani and Indians.
    Coming back to the topic,I started preparing my exams and it took me 2 and half years to complete my all 4 exams along with IELTS. I advise anyone to forget the residency match and plan for practice ready assessment which is difficult though but possible only if you work out well before exhausting your financial resources. Complete your post graduation training as required in different subjects from your home country and land in a province where you have targeted the practice ready assessment. Pls never land in Ontario as it will ruin you.
    I would also suggest physicians never work odd jobs and destroy your career,rather do it only if you can't pursue it here further and looking only for citizenship.
    I have had more than 100,000 dollars which I used to live here and never worked here.Now I have applied for PRA and in next 3 months for citizenship.
    I will be lucky if I get matched in PRA , otherwise will take Canadian passport and will resume my career in middle East with better pay scales...
    I am sorry for a this long comment...
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  14. Dear dkmemo,

    Your reply is very comprehensive and appreciated.
    May I ask what “ practice ready assessment” is? Is it alternative way to become licensed again?
    In which province are you residing?
    Can your survivor with 100k in more than 2 years? I heard Canadian standard living is quite high?!

    Thanks for your feedback
  15. Unfortunately I am in Ontario but don't want any one else to make this mistake as there is no PRA in in Ontario and every province prioritize their own residents.
    Currently following provinces have their active PRA.
    British Columbia
    So it's important to decide which PRA suits your qualifications and then to land there.
    Yes living with this much finances is possible as you get 600 dollars per child as child benefits and I have 3 kids.
    So if you spend 3000 dollars that include your house rent,you will be fine for approx 4 years.
    Ontario works can help you additionally and more you can get help in term of loans in case you apply for exams and courses up to 10000 dollars.
    You can also apply for subsidised housing if you are really smart and planning to forget your home country for at least the time till you change your nationality.
    I have taken risks but we all should know that fortunes favor the braves...
    Good luck
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