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I'm worried my criminal record will stop my dream of living in canada???

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Archers11, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone I'm stumbled across this forum while looking for some positive reassurance or that I do stand a chance of taking me and my family to start a new life in canada!!

    My problem is my criminal record. (easily the biggest regret of my life)

    I hear from some people I could possibly try the criminal rehabilitation route? But I'm so worried I wont even get the chance to have that as an option! :(

    Il cut a long story short I was young, very immature, very stupid, got in with the wrong crowd and picked up a the convictions! I've never been to prison but I have been to court a the times with a couple of drug charges (possession and cultivation) and a theft charge. I ended up doing 2 bouts of community service and the theft was a fine.

    I'm 32 now 33 in December and i think the theft was a long time ago possibly 20 years ago and one of the drug charges was at least 7-8 years ago and the other over 5 years ago possibly more.

    I have drastically turned my life around in the last 6 years! I dont drink, smoke (which for me is a big thing lol) not that I was an alcoholic or anything but it was a start to getting my life sorted once an for all! I have 2 kids and a wife my own house (RENTED) decent car, I have a good job were I earn good money (gas engineer). I'm a very driven person who just wants to give my family everything which I work very hard to do so!!

    I haven't been in trouble whatsoever will the law for many years now as stated and my record will show this.

    I think we can find a way to meet the points recommended to move to canada as I have spoke briefly to an immigration consultant BUT I'm about to get a full criminal check and show this to the consultant and am praying he thinks theres a way me an the family can make the move somehow?

    But you can clearly see I'm so worried, and it would but interesting to know for my own mental state to get some feedback from you guys on here as you all seem to be very knowledgeable on the matter or even better some of your own personal experiences?

    So what do you think, do you think I have a chance or am I UK stricken for the rest of my
  2. You can apply for rehabilitation. Possession or cultivation of marijuana is no longer a crime in Canada. You should be eligible for rehabilitation, I think.
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  3. Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it!! Can you only apply for rehabilitation after a certain number of years have past?
  4. Yes. Typically after five years.
  5. Ok thank you very much!:)
  6. Would also mention that if you have a good job as a gas engineer I would likely stay where you are. The oil and gas sector was hit hard after oil prices decreased so getting a job may be extremely difficult. There are still people who have not found jobs after lay offs.
  7. Am guessing but the OP being from the UK then stating is a gas engineer then odds are a domestic gas engineer servicing / installing domestic gas appliances, a regulated profession even in UK as you would expect.
  8. Oh though he was an oil and gas engineer.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Even though i earn decent money in the uk I'm thinking for the future of my kids, a better education and probably a 100% better chance of them owning there own property where in the uk there is zero chance!

    At the moment I am a commercial gas meter fitter but am also in the process to become a gas governor Technician which will involve me receiving my NVQ level 3 in mechanical engineering.

    For my familys sake i am willing to try to get a job in this field or similar in canada, England is so small and crammed full houses have become near impossible to buy there so expensive and deposits are huge. And the houses are so small lol

    I understand it would mean possibly starting life over for my family but you live once canada is a beautiful country and would be more than happy to give my kids a chance to grow up there.
  10. It may also means starting your training over, unless the province you arrive in has a foreign credentials recognition scheme.
  11. Have you researched Canada? Very similar housing affordability issues in some areas of Canada as well. You will really have to look what kind of training you will need, whether you can get a job and how much you will get paid. Does your spouse work? Most spouses in Canada need to work. You will have to see if you qualify for immigration. Not as simple as you may think. Will depend on whether your skill is in demand or whether our training has consisted as 2 degrees.

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